Heaven #2649 Take Wing and Fly

Take a lesson from the birds that fly. They do not think about how to fly. They simply spread their wings and fly. They have the impulse, and then they follow it.

I do not ask you to literally fly, and yet I do suggest that you not think so much before doing whatever you might like to do. Too often, you think too much. Too often you think of all kinds of reasons why to do or not to do. You weigh the whys and wherefores considerably. You may have a tendency to shackle yourself with your thinking, your over-thinking, your analyzing your actions back and forth before you take flight, if you do take flight. You restrain your joy, beloveds. You put shoulds before desires. Say Yes to yourself more often.

It's okay to follow your heart where it takes you. Your motivation does not have to be based on success or failure. How about joy in doing, joy in intention, joy in possibilities! Beloveds, in life, you are not looking for a sure thing. Looking for a sure thing can only immobilize you. Life is not meant to be decreed. It is meant to be lived. Enough thinking! Enter into the fray. Be someone who lives his life. This is the way to relish your life more.

Who told you to play the odds?

Go right ahead, beloveds, and don't know all the answers beforehand. Don't know any of the answers. You can't know anyway. Above all, it is not for you to modify yourself according to probabilities. Rather, expand yourself.

What does it matter whether you reach the stars or not? It matters that you reach as far as you can. It matters that you set out. It matters that you extend yourself. Offer yourself to the Universe.

Say to the Universe: "Here I am! I am going to take leaps and bounds. I am going to do what I may have hesitated about before. I am going to dare to follow my heart where it takes me. I won't be reckless, but I won't inhibit myself either. I will stop overdoing cautiousness. I am not here on Earth for sure bets. I am here to live life, and I might as well live it to the fullest. What have I been waiting for? Now I will take chances as they come to me, one chance after another. Whatever the totaled results may be, I can only come out ahead. What profits me to stay still?"

You don't have to win a race before entering it. You don't have to know the outcome. The wonderful thing is that you enter the race.

What is there that could possibly hold you back from life? Some kind of fear. Fear of losing. Fear of embarrassment. Fear that you won't be cheered and admired. Fear that you will be looked at as foolish perhaps.

Go ahead and lose, and you will find those fears are nothing.

Life is not a card game that you play to win. In terms of life, you can only win. You win experience. You will have the accomplishment of having given life a whirl.

If you have regrets about things you did not do in the past, do them now. If you wanted to be a dress designer, go ahead and design dresses now. Whatever you might regret, take steps now. Let them be amateur. You don't have to be a full-blown professional. If you are afraid of making a mess of your life, chances are you have missed a lot.

All of those fears that might keep you from your destiny, they are self-imposed. All of those fears that might have held you back are ego beating you over the head. Set ego aside, and go right up to the head of the line. Take wing and fly, beloveds!



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