HEAVEN #2659 All Will Be Known

Whatever you may feel about your present life right now, there is gold there. Find the gold, and you may be able to move on with greater ease. In every situation, there is something for you to gain. Even in dire situations, there is a gift for you. This may sound officious for Me to say when you are going through something painful, perhaps unfair, unjust, undeserved, dreadful. And yet, still, I say there is something for you. There is a gold coin somewhere there for you.

Will you concede that you don't always know what life has in store for you? Will you concede that even in trouble, there can lie gold? Can you concede that it is not always possible for you to know what is good fortune or to know with certainty what is not?

Here is what I would like to convey and which will be very difficult for you to accept, and that is, despite what you see and feel, there is no bad fortune. I can see you throwing up your hands and walking away as I speak.

You are thinking: "How can God say this? Easy for God to say. Death is nothing to Him. Wars and maiming are nothing to Him. Fires are nothing. Broken hearts are nothing. God sits serene in a golden palace where He is untouched by human woe. What does He know about life on Earth and about the troubles that beset us? What does He know about daily life?"

Beloveds, all I ask is that you allow the possibility of what I say to be true, and true for you. You don't have to agree. You cannot agree. I understand this. But I ask you to admit the possibility that this could be so. I ask you who sit in the dark to admit a tiny bit of light.

I do not expect that in one minute you will be able to wipe away what the world has taught you and what you have learned all too well. You have been educated to the suffering of life. It has been so well described to you that you take it at face value. You see only so far, and no further.

It's true that I easily see the whole picture, and you do not, you cannot quite yet. I don't expect you to see it. I invite you to let in a tiny crack of willingness, willingness to admit the possibility of a different point of view, to admit the possibility that another view exists, admit the possibility that you will be open to seeing it and won't close the door to it. A tiny willingness to see the more even when you are gripped in what the world calls great tragedy and which you, too, perceive as great tragedy. Or if not, great, big enough, big enough to cause heartache. Beloveds, the weaving of life has many threads, and all are not seen. Where they come together and how and when, you do not yet know.

I ask you to surmise. I ask you to consider. I ask you to place some trust in the possibility that what I say is true, really true, and true for you and your life and for the lives of your dear ones, and for the lives of all.

I ask you to give Me the benefit of the doubt. Concede that I am your Friend, and that all is well and that all will be known, and you will know the glory in life and the glory in your life whatever it may have seemed to you. You can come to know that life is all right, even beautiful, and that life is for you to experience, and for you to love.

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tea 7th March 2008 6:27 pm

thank you every time I read a messagee . It helps me a lot


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