HEAVEN #2661 Lovely Gifts Are on Their Way

You want to know what all the good things that are on their way to you are. You want to know every last detail. You want to know exactly what is coming, when, and every bit of its contents. Well, beloveds, be content, for you will find out soon enough. Can you be content to know that miracle after miracle is on its way to you? Can you be content to know that miracles are rushing to you and to the world? What more do you have to know? Wouldn't you like to be surprised? Isn't some of the joy in not knowing?

Don't you want the joy of discovery? Do you prefer that a friend tell you every detail of a movie before you see it, or would you rather see it and discover it for yourself?

You kid yourselves, beloveds, if you think you really do want your whole course laid out for you where you can see it beforehand.

To know what is around the corner, you have to turn the corner. You have to come face to face with your life. It was ever so. You do not need a formal preview. You don't even need advance notice, even though I am giving you advanced notice. Wonder after wonder is on its way to you, and the wonders won't miss. They will step right up. You won't have to wait in line, only you do have to wait.

All that is yours is yours. You may not be aware of it now, yet all that is yours is already in motion. I would say that it is already yours, only not received as yet. With My intent, the message is sent. The wheels turn. You are going to have a big smile.

I speak to each one of you as I say this. Some of your surprise will be momentous. Some will be for little things. Big or little, the joy will be the same. You will know that life is kindly rewarding you for being you. It is great too that being you is your reward as well. You need no subsidiary reward. Nevertheless, many many rewards are on their way to you.

You will not overlook them. You will see them as you see the sun in the sky. All you have to do is receive. You don't even have to look up. And nothing you can do can stop these rewards from reaching you. Your joy is secured. Lovely gifts have already been sent to you. Sometimes the mail is fast, and sometimes the mail is slow. What do you care? What does it matter? You are already rewarded with the sure knowledge that there is boon after boon on its way to you, by land, sea, and sky. By personal messenger, by treasure falling to you, falling at your feet, falling in your vision. Extreme delight is on its way to you.

Enjoy it now ahead of time as you wait with eager anticipation. Can the realization give you more joy than at this moment of mouth-watering anticipation? All the joy is yours now. When you are certain that great happiness is on its way, when you have confidence that this is so, the joy is already yours.

Soon your name is going to be called, and you will step up on the stage of life, as it were, to receive your medal, this recognition of yourself that is always yours to have and to hold. I see you now, recipient of great benevolence, as you step up to the footlights and stand ready to receive.



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