HEAVEN #2665 You Are from the Stars

Your dream of dreams is about to come true. I am not speaking of your surface dreams. I am speaking of the deep-lying dreams within your soul. You may not even know what your real dreams are, beloveds, so immersed in the material world are you, yet you might as well know that something so amazingly wonderful is on its way to you, and you will know it when you see it. Look for it lightly. Don't hold on to it. Just know you will have it. You will have it as the day has the sun and the night has the moon and the stars.

My dreams for you are being fulfilled. The time has come. All My desires are going to manifest. I had to wait for you, you understand. I could not just pile My dreams on you. They had to be yours as well. Even if you do not have conscious awareness of your deepest dreams, you, nevertheless, have them. We are on the cusp, beloveds.

We could call these dreams your destiny. Your understanding of destiny isn't quite telling enough. Destiny is more than a career, and it is not exactly fate either, not as fate is connoted in the world. Destiny is more like chosen dreams fulfilled. Destiny isn't something from outside foisted on you. It has to do with your Inner Being. Your destiny is yours, chosen by you, formulated by you. It is not imposed upon you from a far-distant star. You are a great participant in your destiny. Your desires are yours, and the fulfillment of your desires is yours as well.

You have your own counterpart in the stars above, so in that sense, We can truthfully say that your destiny does come to you from a star, yet, of course, it comes from the star of yourself. You, beloveds, are twinkling stars in the Universe of My Heart. You are bright lights seeming to blink on and off. You are from the stars, and your destiny is the stars. Your destiny was foretold the minute a sound issued from My throat and created the World of Man. You were born long before the date of your Earth birth.

Oh, My, such a little picture of yourself you have had. If you want to see yourself as you are, you will have to put sunglasses on. You may have to look into a mirror, or, otherwise, you would be too dazzled. As it is now, you are not dazzled enough. You tend to take yourself for granted, not reminding yourself that you are a creation of Mine! You, who are always wanting evidence of My existence, miss out on the most amazing evidence, and that is you, beloveds. You are evidence. And yet your eyes do not see. But your eyes are going to.

You will see yourself and every other Being on Earth as the marvelous God Creations you are. You are My dreams-come-true. You are My Greatest Creation, living vibrant breathing growing Beings of Light. It is all the more remarkable that you have forgotten your magnificence, or put it away somewhere, seemingly preferring that you be a dolt of some kind rather than the miracle you are. Perhaps that is an incredible miracle, that you forget your heritage and Whose child you are and what it means to be a Child of God. I assure you, beloveds, you were not an afterthought. My whole focus has been and is on you, you, worthy to be called Child of God and just beginning to catch a glimpse of the Truth of Yourself.


Peter Plummer 12th March 2008 5:26 pm

My Heart Sings with De-Light and JOY - "You are My dreams-come-true"
"You are My dreams-come-true. You are My Greatest Creation,
living vibrant breathing growing Beings of Light."


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