HEAVEN #2681 Take Your Time

Sometimes the thing to do is to lay back. Sometimes you want to give yourself a mini-vacation, be it a week, a day, or an hour.

You know, beloveds, there is no law that says you have to accomplish everything you have set out to do. I do not rate you on how much you get done. Of course, I don't rate you at all. You rate yourselves, as if the meaning of life is how much you get done.

Do you really think you are better or worse if you make your bed every day or if you don't?

Is it really life and death if you get your homework done or not, or get a grade of an A or B or C in a test?

How much does it really matter if your work gets done at 3 p.m. or tomorrow morning? Are you really a better person if you meet a 3 p.m. deadline?

What is all this urgency about getting work done so you can then be. How about being now? How about just being? Your value isn't really on what you do. Your value is in who you are.

I am really not advocating that you no longer work or contribute in a useful way. I do not advocate that you let go of responsibility. I do not advocate that you run away from life. I do not advocate that you sit and do nothing all day. I do advocate that you take a lazy day every now and then. I am saying that sometimes you have to give yourself a break. I am saying that your life does not have to be ruled by "supposed to's." I am saying that you cannot always be ruled by the outside. And that includes the mighty clock. Is the clock the rooster that rules the roost? Is it not?

Is it time that runs your life? If so, then no wonder you feel tense, for you work for a hard taskmaster. Your clock might as well have a whip. Instead of your winding a clock, the clock winds you, and you feel tense. And the clock winds everyone around you, and so there is mass tension, as if the way to live life is with tension. Will you not build in some ease in your life and the lives of those around you?

Consider your life a dance. Is a fast dance better than a slow one? Can you not sometimes do a polka, sometimes a waltz, sometimes a fox trot, sometimes a rhumba, tango, samba and so on? Is one dance really better than another? Could you not enjoy switching rhythms? Could you not enjoy life more sometimes if you slowed down and asked yourself, "What's the hurry?"

A heart beats at a certain pace. Is your heart better if it beats faster? Is it worse if it beats slower? Are heartbeats beating to win a race? Is life a race, beloveds?

Everything has its value. In terms of the world, value depends upon the context and how it is looked at and by whom. Everything has its plusses and minuses. The hare learned that speed is not always the way to win a race. The tortoise learned that slow and easy can also win the race.

As I look upon My children on Earth, I see that there is more speed that there is taking time. I suggest that right now you take time for a while and throw it aside, and see what life is like when you simply look out the window.



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