Heaven #2684 Dance, Beloveds, Dance

Although I am the Mover, you don't just sit there. You also move. Although I am to be relied on, you also have to get up and rely on yourself. Although you are a watcher in life, you do not only watch. Although you may have to wait in life, you do not play a waiting game. Although you sit in the audience and watch the movie, you are also on the screen, moving around up there, performing actions, moving your arms, making discoveries.

In a play, you are on stage. In life, you are on stage.

Certainly, I am with you. Certainly, in a play, there is someone giving you cues. And yet it is you who must move and act and speak and conduct the course of your part in the play. And so it is in life. In life, however, there is no dress rehearsal. This is a new play. There is not even a typed script.

The world is made for moving, beloveds. In the world, you do not stay still forever. In life, you take action. You play the cards. They are dealt to you, and yet you are the one who plays them.

When you want to go somewhere, you have to get into your car. You have to turn on the ignition. You have to put the gear in drive. You have to step on the gas. You have to steer. Would life ask less of you than your car asks of you?

You don't expect your car to start itself. You don't expect the car to steer itself. Naturally, you direct the car. Will you do less for life than what you do for your car?

Certainly it is the car that chugs, and yet you are the driver of the car. And you, the driver, direct the car where to take you. And so it is with life.

Oh, what a fine line exists between taking control and letting go. If only you could be sure which is which and what is what and when.

Certainly you are on a ride in life. And certainly you are the driver. You're not the engine, yet you drive the car. Well, yes, you could set the gear in drive and the car would keep going, only the car relies on you to steer. It makes sense for you to guide your car oh so gently.

You are not powerless in life. I am the Mighty Engine, and yet you are the driver.

The driver doesn't always have to know where he's going. There is no map for the driver of the car of life. Yet the driver can know where he wants to go, and he can take off. He can get going. He may take some wrong turns, yet he is moving. He is not stalled. He is not driving in reverse. Whatever the weather, whatever the terrain, the driver moves the car forward. Uphill or downhill, the driver leads the way.

When you dance, you may not choose the song the orchestra plays, and yet you dance. You do not wail that the music being played is not the music you wanted. You get up and dance anyway. You may not even know how to dance to the music, yet you get up and cut a rug anyway. You may sit out a dance or two, yet you do not stay on the sidelines forever. In this play you are in, you are not supposed to play the wallflower. Oh, no, beloveds, you are meant to be a rose in bloom.



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