Heaven #2687 Namaste, Beloveds

Oh, My beloveds, why does your heart ache? You don't even know why, and yet it aches, as if it were bruised or starving or lost somewhere. Your heart is safe and sound. Your heart is whole right now, only you are looking at only a twinge of it.

Hearts are big. Your heart is big. Have you perhaps closed your heart? Well, then, open it again. Hearts are meant to be open. Your heart is meant to be open, as open as the sea. Your heart is a beautiful wonderful thing. How strong it is! How it is always there for you, ready at a moment's notice. Your heart beats as if it were marching, marching, marching.

Love the beat of your heart. Love the pulse of life. Love its adventure. You are on an adventure without ending, beloveds. You never close the book on life. It is a serial, and it is infinite. The story goes on and on. The story is of love, and it is of the love in your heart, yes, that heart you think of as yours because it beats within your chest.

Your heart beats to a metronome set long ago. Because there is really no time, your heart beat once. You hear the instantaneous echo. Yes, you are listening to a heartbeat without cease. There is One Heart in the world, and it is Mine, and it echoes in your beating heart that you think of as encased in your chest, as if it were a small item.

Your body entire is a description. It is not reality. It is a proscribed outline drawn in My heart for all to see. Hear the echo of the beat of My heart. Listen well, and you will know what beats within you. In so doing, the outline of your body will fade, and there will be nothing on Earth but the beat of My heart, and you will know that you, too, are the Heart of the World, and that there is nothing else. Our heart encompasses the whole world. All is contained within it. Our heart, My heart in yours, known as yours, known as Mine. It makes no difference, for Our heart is like a bell that rings and reverberates and is heard, like a clarion call, calling all replications of its one-hearted self to meet as a song that has always been playing, and now hears itself.

How innocent is a song sung by the Universe contained within your heart that you say now is aching. If your heart is aching, beloveds, it is aching to expand. It is aching to love. Your heart is not loveless. My heart is exactly love, and so is yours. No longer hide this love from yourself. Bring it out into the light of day. Your heart beats in simple Oneness. Come, bring your heart closer to Mine, which in truth it is.

Even in the matter of cartoon figures, someone drew them. There has to be a hand that draws them. Even cartoon figures cannot draw themselves. Not even one Human Being can draw himself, yet the truth is that you and I are One. The True You did bring yourself into existence, only you are not that little self that you think you are. That little self doesn't even exist! You are Fullness wrapped in decorative paper, that's all. No two wrappings are alike, and yet the heart of you is One.

As you let go of your picture of your little self, the more you see God in yourself. Namaste, beloveds. See the God within you, and little self vanishes. How can little self stay when aware of Great Presence? Your little self was only a flash in the pan anyway. It had no temerity of its own. It was like a big inhale of breath that didn't know enough to exhale.



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