Heaven #2693 In My Father's House

There are no quandaries. Your mind decides there are. Your mind decides you are in a pickle. Let your mind decide rather that you are in a miracle. Whatever is going on, you are in the midst of life! To think of it, you are ordained to live life in the world and make it a bouquet of beautiful flowers. Enough of the concept of quandary. Quandary is short-sided vision. It is almost no vision at all.

Where there is a garden, you may have seen a maze. Whatever you may perceive, My delightful child, you are in a garden. You are actually in the Garden of Eden. What would My heart be but the Garden of Eden? Your eyes have peered narrowly. You had a dream that you were elsewhere, in a land of perplexity. Have another dream then. Alight to the Reality of Our Existence.

You live in many dimensions. Which dimension you focus on is up to you. You may have to remind yourself that your eyes can be trained to see more than what is right in front of them. What a limited existence to see only the precise physical before you. Look, the physical world is just not enough for you. I know that sometimes you think it is too much. You say that when you see too much disarray. Change where you are looking.

Your vision is like a kaleidoscope. Just a little turn, and everything is changed. What has changed but your vision? I know you like to be a realist. Beloveds, the physical is not the only real.

Love is real, only you can't get your mind around it. You know what love is, yet love has no borders to confine you. If you want to be confined, look at the physical. Want to see molehills out of mountains, look at the physical. Why, how you look has become more meaningful to you than Who you are. Yes, your world is topsy-turvy. You can turn it right side up. Well, maybe all you have to do is to stand on your head! Certainly, you do have to look from a different angle. Look from Mine while you are at it. Why not? Why wouldn't you see what enriches you rather than what you surmise does not?

When you have a diamond in your hand and the diamond is covered with dust, you don't say, "That can't be a diamond. It is all covered in dust." Why, you simply look further than the dust. Appearances are not the answer for you. You have been bound to the physical and made it your idol. You worship it. This is how you are bound to it. You think you are nothing without it. Dear ones, you are not more with it. Beyond the physical, you are a Great Being. The physical does not do you justice.

Oh, it may flatter you every now and then, yet what good is flattery to you? It is not really you who is flattered. It is that interloper ego. It stands between you and your sighting the Greatness that you are. But don't blame ego. Ego is your choice too.

If you feel you have to be important, that is your ego guidance system. You already are important. You never were unimportant. Oh, the world may look askance at you, or not even see you in your True Light, but that's the world for you. That's only one dimension of life. The limits of the world offer you great opportunity to shine, and shine you must, and shine you will.



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