Heaven #2697 Today and Today and Today

You can take days off, yet you can't skip a day. For the present, there is no break from daily life. You can stay in bed. You can go into the forest. You can go on vacation, and yet each day comes and gets you. A day has great determination and constancy. No matter how you feel, no matter what you say or do, a day comes for you every time. Days are on tap, beloveds. Some may go fast, some slow, yet they always arrive for you to play in. All the days mean to be of service to you. They mean to wake you up in the morning and put you to bed at night.

Days are ever awake, even perky, with their bright sun greeting you. Days seem to need no rest. Yet you do. And yet there is no rest from daily life. Have you perhaps thought you must have a break? That you need a respite? Why would you believe you need to escape an innocent day and not be home when it comes? Why would this be, beloveds?

Have you perhaps had the idea that a day in life is something you have to face? Instead of thinking of a day as something to brace yourself for, will you wholeheartedly consider life as something to embrace? Honestly, life is not a courtroom, and you are not on trial. You do not need to fend off a day, defend yourself from it, avoid, calculate, nor push it away. Of course, you want to make life easier, more charming, more eventful or less eventful, or anything you want! The day is amenable to what you want. It is all for it. Tell the day what it is you want.

So, how can you make your days easier, more palatable, easier to digest? Easy does not mean boring, beloveds. Unless your day is something you look forward to with all your heart, then let's change how you regard and meet it. Do you agree that you have options? In whatever ways you have been interacting with your days, whatever you may have thought of them, there are other ways.

If you do not look forward to today or tomorrow or any day around the bend, then let's give your days some better press. Let's give them a chance to follow your ideas. Let your days in on your desires. Let's name your desires and your days! Let's name your days what you will them to be. Let's give your Once-in-a-Lifetime Day today attributes you would like!

Instead of calling today Another Day, for example, let's call it Super Day. Why not? You can name whatever you want. You can make a choice of days. Certainly, take your pick!

Day of Awakening. Day of Ease. Day of Beauty. Receiving Day. Day of All Good. Day of Goodness and Mercy. Day of Fun. Day of Good Cheer. Day of Peace. Charming Day. Best Ever Day. Blessing Day. Incredible Day. Beloved Day. Darling Day. Fantastic Day. Kindly Day. Nonattachment Day. Loving Day. Lucky Day. Hibiscus Day. Expansive Day. New Perception Day. Easy Day. Nourishing Day. Better Day. Only Wonderfulness Day, Beautiful Surprise Day. Loving Day. Day of Good Fortune, Delicious Day. Angelic Day. Dreams Come True Day. Day I've Been Waiting For Day. Perfect Day.

Are you starting to feel better already?

In every case, without exception, today is a Day of All Possibilities.

If you want a routine day, call it Routine Day.

If you want a happy day, call it Happy Day.

What will you name today?

Yes, yes, I understand, all that you desire may not come to pass today, and yet today will be more lively for you, and you have another chance tomorrow.



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