Heaven #2699 Expanded Awareness

Oh, beloveds, do you see that everything is what you make of it? That is the meaning of perception. Your perception is what you make of something, including your life. Your perception is what you make of anything and everything.

You may see an action as kind. Another may see the same action as interfering. Another may see it as unnecessary or foolish. You are all right according to your perception.

What you see when you look at people is what you make of them. They are lovely or annoying according to your perception.

Everyone who looks at a tree sees the same physical tree. They see the leaves, branches and trunk. When the leaves are turning red, everyone sees the leaves turning red. But what you make of the tree you see is up to you. An artist may see it as a work of art and start painting it. Someone else may see it as something to climb. Another may see it as something to chop down.

What you make of things is the ruler of your life. This is why it is so important what your thoughts are.

Your thoughts interpret events. Your interpretation is your perception. >From your perception, your actions spring. In the relative world your perceptions are everything. They are the sum total of your existence.

What we are doing in Heavenletters is expanding your perception. Last year you saw something one way. Now you see it another way. Your perception changed. It surmounted itself. It expanded. Your perception will expand until you have what is called expanded awareness. Your perception will expand even by your allowing the concept of expanded awareness.

There is physical perception, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

When you perceive someone as an enemy, that's what he is to you and that is the premise you come from. And this is the premise you act from.

If you are a policeman, and you perceive someone as a danger, and he starts to pull an object out of his pocket, you likely will pull out your pistol and shoot him. He may have been reaching for his pipe, but you saw a gun, and you acted accordingly.

How you look at things and what you make of them are the same.

You come from a basis that is your basis whatever it may be. Whatever you perceive is your moment of truth. It is true for you. How you perceive the world is how the world is to you. What you perceive may or may not be fact, yet it is your fact. Perhaps there is no fact, beloved, only perception and your summation of life. Life is beautiful, or life is awful. You are the decider. You see the colors according to the glasses you wear. Look through dark lenses, and you see dark. Look through yellow lenses, and you see yellow. Whatever colored lens you look through, that is what you are bound to see.

You may want to change the color of the lens. It is easy to do. You just have to not be attached to your present glasses. You have to let go of an idea and replace it with another. Your perception is not so marked in stone as you thought. Maybe it was right for you once, but now you may be due for a change in your prescription, just as with glasses so you may see better. All you have to do is to look through a different lens. Here, I am writing down a new prescription for you. With every Heavenletter, I offer you new sight.


ava414 18th April 2008 3:15 am

18/04/2008 10:06AM
Quantum Physics says in most basic terms: the observer can influence the observed. THis is why we can be what our perception tell us. But this is from Einstein's theories that Quantum Physics arose. And 2 weeks ago on Free Spirit, an astro physicist explained that the theories of Newton and Einstein clash but is only held together by mathematics. I found the flaw in mathematics in 2003 already. In my 2nd last post on my blog: ava414.blat.co.za
I wrote about when will Newton and Einstein fail - how much time do we have - and my dreams last night was all about time failing. I kept watching the time, but it kept failing my eyes to see it (anymore). But both the mathematics used for Einstein as well as Newton is based on a society who is in a state of mind of the world of opposites. (that includes that for every theory there must be its paradox). So why do spiritual people love to use Quantum Physics to base their assessment for what is to come for us, on? As that what is to come for us, is then based on something that is still in a dual world, the world of opposites where the Christian Bible speak in Genesis of eating from the Tree of Knowledge of good and bad or the knowledge of opposites. Get out it.


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