Heaven #2701 In God's Heart

Talk to Me. Tell Me what is in your heart. I will be your confidante. Whether you have ten friends to pour your heart out to or one friend or none, talk to Me just the same.

Try writing to Me. Then you can read over what you write, and you may find that the situation that has been plaguing you isn't quite so monumental as you have thought. I will receive your letter before you send it, even before you write it. It is you who doesn't know what you are going to say until you spill it out. It is for you that you write a letter to Me. All you do concerning Me is for you. It is not for Me. I am happy to receive it, very happy, and yet it is not for Me. Or, I could say that everything you do is for Me. It is the same. For you or for Me, it is for you. Everything I have done is for you. Do I sound like a parent who tells you everything they do is for you, and you doubt it? Of Me, beloveds, you can have no doubt. There is no doubt that all I do is for you, and all that I do for you is also for Me.

Come, sit on My lap, as it were, and tell Me what is going on with you. Tell Me all about it. I will wipe away your tears. Pretty soon you will have said all you have to say, and then We, you and I, will sit in a lovely silence and just relish being together. When you sit with Me, troubles seem to have a way of reducing themselves in size, even run out the door and not ever come back to bother you again. I don't even have to say a word. You hear yourself.

I think you have had enough of heartache, and you don't need any more. Let's replace heartache with heart blessings. I bless you and your heart no matter what is going on. Will you do the same? Will you bless yourself and bless your wounded heart, give it some comfort, and let your heart make itself at Home with Me?

If you are hesitant to let go of made-up boundaries, I understand, yet come at least to My front porch. We can sit out front in rocking chairs and rock together, and get to know each other. We can watch the traffic passing by. We can share commonality. I would say that We can get to know each other in an idle kind of way, yet that would not be altogether the case, for I already know you. I know you from A to Z. I know you backwards and forwards. I know you so very well, stationed as you are in My heart of love.

It is you who may not know Me, of course, really know Me, or even know Me at all. Of course, you have heard hearsay. You may have read about Me, even studied Me, and built up a picture of Me, fraught with rules and edged in gold. But what is that next to sitting down with me?

Oh, beloved, if you did know Me, you would not hesitate to walk right into My heart. You wouldn't knock. Why would you? It is your Home. If there were a screen door, you would open it and let it bang, and you would walk right in and say, "What's for supper?"

And I would say, "We're having love for supper. We're having love again."



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