Heaven #2703 God's Loving Presence

Will you remind yourself to think of Me morning, noon, and night? Even though you are immersed in Me, sometimes you forget that We are together and that I am here with you, loving you. I want you to remember it.

I am incapable of anything but being with you, loving you, nor would I ever desire anything else. It is not My Will to desire anything else, yet still I have no choice. Anything else could only be less. My whole Existence is love. Without love, I am not. But I have always been and am now and forever even in the nonexistent time and space that the world pursues. Because of My constancy, beloveds, this is how it is that there is so much love visible in the world, even though the world has not seen the half of it.

When you think of Me with love, My love that you reflect bounces off Me and will bounce back to you, for love circulates, and you circulate it. Feel your love for Me, and more love swirls around the Universe. How simple, the generation of love.

If you should somehow think unhappy thoughts of Me, that tune, even as ignorant as it is, will also circle the globe.

So expand your loving thoughts of Me, and you will expand My love which is Infinite in any case and cannot be expanded, and yet which you do expand. You expand your awareness of love and, therefore, everyone else's.

Everything in the world is contagious. Here's the rub. Negativity is also contagious, and you do want to stay away from it, not only for you but because of your responsibility to others, including all the others who have ever been and all the others who are yet to come.

Yet it is truer to say that you choose positivity over negativity because of your responsibility to all souls who all exist right now, for, as you have heard, past and future are illusions. All that ever is presumed to have existed in the past or ever will exist in the imagined future exists right now. Right now is called the present, and yet the real name of the present is Eternity, or is it Infinity? Perhaps I don't know the difference, inasmuch as there is only Oneness anyway, and what does it matter what We call this moment of Oneness, this One Love that We are and can only be. You may notice I always say: I AM. Although, of course, I always was and always will be, I don't go around saying I once was or will later be. Even though words do not fully express Me, nor express you, beloveds, I AM is the closest words that come to the Truth.

Now, what were We talking about? Oh, yes, My love for you which, come to think of it, is really the only thing We do talk about. What else is there to talk about -- the troubles of the world? Do you want to talk about them? Why? To have an explanation for what was only imagined anyway, imagined even when everyone in the seeming world imagines it together?

Let Us say in Our wildest imagination, that We, you and I, had only five minutes to have a talk. What would We talk about? What would We want to talk about? I think we would joyously soak in Our love, let it seep in. We might not even want to talk. To feel Our Presence would be enough, would be ample. Surely, you would not ask questions like Why did this or that happen. I don't think you would ask why about anything. Why's wouldn't matter at all any longer. As We bask in Our mutual Presence, why's wouldn't even occur to you. Love itself, not explanations, would matter to you, and love is the only thing that ever matters to Me.



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