Heaven #2709 God's Good Advice

Let Me give you some advice. It is not new. However, you may have forgotten. Perhaps what I have said didn't penetrate. Perhaps you didn't pay attention to it, didn't believe it for one moment, passed it off as impossible, perhaps, not even worthy of a second thought, maybe good advice for someone but not for you because you feel bogged down in life.

Perhaps you thought I don't really know what I'm talking about. Perhaps you imagine Me sitting on a throne of some kind in a far-off place called Heaven where everything is wonderful, where there are no human difficulties to deal with, and you wonder or are certain that I have no idea of what it may be like for you on Earth.

Perhaps you imagine Me as you imagine a billionaire far away from your life, certainly unqualified to give you advice on how to spend your meager money supply. You may say: "What does a billionaire know about living from paycheck to paycheck? What worthwhile advice could he possibly give to me? He doesn't have a clue to what it's like with little money in the world I live in."

You may well be correct in the case of a billionaire, but in My case, you are as far off the mark as you can get. In My case, I understand that you may be far from the accomplishment of what I advise you. I well know you are sure you don't know how to get there. I understand that, yet I am not asking you to promise Me that you will commit to this advice and always follow it. I am just asking you to accept it, to have the idea that it works, and that it is possible that you can live this advice I give to you. Maybe not this moment, but later. Later is all right, yet you can accept the validity of My advice now. If there is even one Being on Earth living this advice, isn't it possible that you can too? Why not you?

Actually, there are quite a few sons and daughters of Mine who do live this advice. They unlearned a habit and replaced it with another.

Here is My advice: Don't worry any longer. Simply don't. Stop worrying.

I am not the only one to give you this advice. You have heard it many times. You have heard it in song. What is the good of worrying? It never was worthwhile. Pack up your troubles in an old kit bag, and smile, smile, smile.

Beloveds, worry, besides being a waste, puts you down. It is a kind of self-torment.

Wow, how much happier you will be when you give up worry! What do you keep it for? You have had a long list of things to worry about, and new ones pop up every day. There almost isn't anything that isn't on your worry list. Beloveds, give up this list. Hand your lists of worries to Me. Be without this list, and never make another one. Do not accumulate worries. You are so good at thinking of terrible things that could befall. Will you kindly think instead of all the lovely things that could befall? You can do it. I know you can do it.

Beloved, you do not have to be up-to-the-minute on possibilities to worry about. Are you perhaps so attuned to anxiety and worry that you think you can't get along without them? When you worry, beloveds, you are not loving yourself. Will you love yourself today? Even for a few moments? Couldn't you get used to letting go of worries? Couldn't you? Will you? Yes? How about now? See how good it feels to let go of worry. Feel it.



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