Heaven #2712 Walking across the World

Remember that you do not need to prove anything. There is a time to put your pen down.

If you are a seamstress, let's say for an exclusive dress manufacturer, when you finish your sewing, you put your needle down. You may start another dress, or you may go home for the day. In any case, you do not follow your dress to the distributor and out to the stores nor to the house of the customer who buys it from the store and wears it or puts it in her closet. When you finish the dress, you are done. You did your part.

It is the same when you have an argument to make. Make it, and then let others make of it what they will. Your part is done. You said what you had to say, and you need say no more. How your words are received is not your business. That you gave your speech, that was your choice, and now you drop it. You let your words do what they do or don't do. You are done with it.

If you make some chocolate candies, box them and give them to a friend, it is then up to your friend whether he eats them right away or puts them away and forgets about them or remembers them and shares them with friends. When you give something away, whether it be candy or words, you have to let go.

What a trial letting go has been for you! You want to give, yet you are loath to let go. Make up your mind, beloveds.

No one has to listen to you. No one is obliged to buy your wares nor are they obliged to use them as you intended. They can stomp on them if they want. Your say can only go so far or even, perhaps, nowhere at all.

No one is compelled to anything, let alone listen to you, yet you may have a compulsion to insist they do. Insist not, beloveds. Let go, beloveds.

In one sense, all of life is a preparation for letting go. There will be a knock on your door, and your life, as you have grown accustomed to it, is pulled from your grasp, and you have to let go of it. Perhaps all of life is a preparation for this moment of nonattachment. Yes, it is necessary to let go of attachment. Open your hands, beloveds. Do not clutch to anything anymore. Really, what were you thinking?

Even so, you do make your mark in the world. It cannot be otherwise. But no one needs to know. You don't need to know. You have had an effect. No matter who you may be, no matter what you have done, you have made a dent in the world. You passed through it, and the world is not the same. Whether you were given honors or not even noticed, whether you picked flowers or stepped on them, that you tread on this ground makes a difference. You lent an aspect to the world that no one else has or could. You may feel you have been a drop in the bucket, yet you were an essential drop. In terms of the world, you were, and then you were not. Right now, you are walking across the world, and you do leave footprints. Noticed or not, you leave them.

I always notice, beloveds. And I bless your steps as I do bless you day and night, night and day. My beloveds, with all My heart, I bless you.



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