Heaven #2713 Consider the World

If you could have everything in the world just the way you want it, what then? If everything in the world could be perfect, as you define perfect, would not other desires follow you? And why shouldn't they? Of course they should and will. Naturally you desire more and more. There's nothing wrong with that. Desire is good.

The only thing is that, too often, in order for you to know what you desire, you have structured it so that first you must see fault. I wonder sometimes if you think that you wouldn't know what to desire unless you found fault first. But why not desire more of the good of everything you already have?

Beloveds, what if you did not find fault with the world? Do you think it would fall apart? Do you think that, without your standards, the world would not sustain itself?

You are quite a mix, My beloveds. You may see yourself of little significance, and yet you are of great significance. Surely a child of Mine has great merit simply by virtue of his birth. Surely your thoughts do matter and do influence the world you live in. And yet there is a Greater Power that keeps the planets in place and the gears oiled. So, at the same time as you are all-important to the world, the world is not dependent upon you. You have responsibility, you are needed, and yet you are neither the instigator nor sustainer of life. At the same time as you are all-essential to the smooth running of the Universe, at the same time as the world does depend on you, you will do well to let go of the idea that you must hold the world tight in order for it to succeed.

And, so, I am telling you to let go of the reins for a while. Do not struggle, beloveds. The world is also for you to relax in. Consider the world a magnificent bathtub that you can soak in to your heart's delight.

You don't need tension, beloveds. You do need ease and relaxation. Do you know that the world will be happier when you let go of your hold on it? The world does not have to be according to your conscious design. You can let things go. You do not need to feel the world heavy on your shoulders. You do carry the world, but you can carry it with one finger, dear ones. Your place in the world is not meant to be a burden upon you. It is meant to be a joy.

You help the world the most when you are in joy. You don't have to pull the world hither and yon. You can let it be. You can have trust in Me, and you can have more trust in yourself.

Consider the world an elevator going up. You do not have to hold the elevator up. You do not have to carry it. You don't have to pull on the ropes. You can simply step in, push a button, and ride up in the elevator. All who enter the elevator ride up with you. There is no extra effort called for. The elevator knows what it is doing, and it will carry you all the way.

It is not necessary for you to huddle in the elevator any more than it is necessary for you to force a redesign. Simply ride the elevator of life and rise with it. That is the responsibility that is yours. Enjoy the ride. Enjoy the company. And be glad that you are riding to the very top.



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