Heaven #2716 The Innocent World

What beautiful occurrence is going to happen today simply because your heart is with Mine? In which direction will the world turn today because you gave a kindness? What sally will the world bring forth today because you let go of a long-held reproach? What miracles will you set the foundation for today? What event will occur nine years from now because you walk the Earth today?

I would like to ask you, beloveds, what is not possible in this world?

I would like to ask you, if you can influence an event in nine years to come, what event might you choose? I will even ask you, how many? How many choices in the world would you like to spin? What blessings are you eager to bestow upon mankind?

If you can alter something today, if you can alter something in nine years, what could you not influence and where and when?

Let Us send a message. Could be in a bottle, and it will sail the Ocean of Life, and it will turn up somewhere, and it will be read, and it will be heard, and the world will smile.

Beloveds, even if the message is sent and no one finds it, it will still have served a purpose and fulfilled what it set out to do. Even if the message is thought of and not actually sent, it will still find its place in the world.

All your thoughts are messages sent out to sea. How important you are to the world right now and the world to be! You can even change the past, beloveds, so powerful are you.

Certainly, you have not thought that you are helpless? If, for some obscure reason, you have thought you are helpless, then will you kindly think a new thought? What you think you spread out to the Universe. What would you like to send out? Even if only an echo of what you send out comes back to you, and only you, would you not be happy? Of course, I am not implying that it is possible for you to be the only one to hear the echo. Any message you have thought will resound throughout the world. The timbre of it will be felt. Someone will react to it. Many will react to it. You will have set something in motion.

Beloveds, bless rather than curse. Encourage rather than discourage. Hearten rather than dishearten. You have a noble mission in life, beloveds. You are to play the chord for the world. The world is waiting to hear you play a tune on the piano that it will harken to. The world is waiting for the sound of your voice. It is waiting to hear what song you sing. The world waits to vibrate to what you send it.

The innocent world will vibrate to whatever song you sing. If you sing a dirge, it will vibrate sadness. If you see a song of love, the world will hum a love song. This is the story of the world, only you have not thought so. You have thought no one hears you, no one listens, no one responds. Now I tell you that the whole Universe trembles or smiles according to what you send. Send a care package.

There are messages not to be sent. Tear them up. Take care with what you think and speak, even to yourself, for you are making the drum roll for the world. The world is innocent. It can only do what you tell it to. The world is a reactor. It reacts to you. It is you who makes the sun shine.



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