Heaven #2718 What You Surrender

I may be the One God of the Universe, but I am not exclusive. Not at all! Quite the opposite. I am all-inclusive. I gather all into My arms. I welcome all into My heart. You, messengers of Mine on Earth, you sort and discard. You put some of My children first, and some last. You make some stand in line. I, never. I offer everyone a seat beside Me.

Will you believe Me when I tell you that I did not offer Christ more than I offer you? Christ heard Me and accepted. He entered into My employ. I offer all to all. I offer you yourself.

Certainly some of My children have one talent, and another another, yet all have talents. All are sent to Earth to represent Me in the way natural for them. I do not put square pegs in round holes. I do not ask you to be exactly like the one you know as Christ. I do not ask anyone to be Christ. I say to everyone, "You are Christ. You are the son of My heart as much as Christ. I did not single Christ out. Christ singled himself out."

I do not tell you to look like Christ. I do not tell you to dress like him. I do not tell you to pretend to be him. I tell you that you are Christ, only you have not yet understood. I tell you that you have misjudged yourself. Christ did not judge himself at all any more than he judged anyone. He understood that he was to walk the Earth and spread seeds of love, of understanding, of acceptance. He understood that he was to share My light with all. To do this, he did not follow laws. He followed his heart which was in total devotion to Mine.

He did not cast anyone aside. Lepers and prostitutes were no less to him than they are to Me. He put one step before the other, and he grew to be the Great Being he was. This is the case for all the Great Ones. They were not born in the state of consciousness in which they left the Earth. Like you, all the Great Ones grew from little acorns.

Everyone in the world has his place in the sun.

The Great Ones gave what was Mine to give. You still believe in status. You still believe in hierarchy. You still believe in ego. I can wait for you. I do wait for you to surrender to yourself, beloveds.

Of course, this is no surrender at all, unless you call accepting riches as surrender, unless you call accepting love and wisdom and everyone and everything as surrender. If you call accepting My love, all of it, as surrender, well, then, I do ask you to surrender. I do ask you to surrender ego. You don't need it anyway for anything but a trinket to dangle from your car's rear-view mirror. If you call sharing My light as surrender, then please do surrender to My light and quickly deliver it to all others. If you recognize surrender as joy and happiness, then by all means surrender. If you call giving up pain, resistance, aggravation, moods and negativity as surrender, then give them all up and surrender.

If you consider living in harmony at the sacrifice of disharmony and jangled nerves as surrender, then hurry up and surrender. If you consider ending falsity and accepting Truth as surrender, get right to it. If you consider placing your heart in Mine as surrender, then, yes, surrender. Surrender your heart to Me, beloveds, and I graciously accept your heart as a limitless treasure kept within My heart for all the world to know.



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