Heaven #2719 The Playground of the Universe

You are here to disarm the world, to disarm it by virtue of how you display the world to yourself and to others and how you display the world to itself. Do not consider yourself superior to the world. Have you not thought so? The world rises to your opinion of it.

I would ask you to stop faulting the world, to stop pointing out its defects to yourself or to anyone. Bless the world, for it is of your creation. The world is as you see it to be. Treat the world as you would treat a sapling in your front yard. You would not tell it that it is scrawny. You would not tell it that it must hurry up and grow taller and sprout new leaves. You would not say to the tree: "What do you think you're doing? Wake up. I told you to improve. I told you to reform. I told you to get rid of this branch or that. When are you going to grow up? When are your branches going to blossom?"

You would not scold the tree because you did not water it. Whose world is it?

It is for you to protect the world and to nourish it. Finding fault with the world does not nourish it. Frankly, beloveds, the world has had enough criticism and perhaps not enough appreciation, just like you. Can you find it in your heart to bless the world and the people in it? Naturally, you want a world of glad tidings. Beloveds, be what you desire the world to be. You want the world to be more forgiving. You want the world to be more generous. You want the world to be at peace.

Dear ones, what would you like to give to the world? Give it more of it then. At least, give the world a break. Give it a little vacation from your appraisals of it.

Sometimes it seems that you like to make the world into a villain, like an employee perhaps who has not produced enough, the employee who will not learn, the employee who does not create the profit margin you told him to, the employee who falls down on the job, the employee who should know better but does not, the employee who does not perform according to your specifications. Only, you have forgotten that the world is your employer, and you are employee to the world.

The world is innocent, beloveds. Look not to blame the world. The world has given itself to you in its full splendor. It has asked to serve you. It has given you hill and dale, oceans and mountains. It has given you a place in it. Will you find it in your heart to love the world, at least to like it, at least to give it the benefit of the doubt?

You may feel that you have put up with a lot from the world. Perhaps it is the world that has put up with you. Defenseless, the world has offered you itself, and you have set your mouth in a disgruntled way. You have wanted the world to give you solace. You have wanted the world to set an example for you. You have wanted the world to uplift you. Who is to uplift the world, beloveds? Who is to cheer the world on? Who is to give it a kind word or two?

Who is to walk in the world and appreciate its beauty?

You sit in the branches of a tree and do not thank it.

The world holds you up. It offers itself to you. It offers a playground for you to play in, a playground where anything is possible, where you are possible.



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