Heaven #2720 To Be a Wave of the Ocean

Do not mourn for the past. All the past is going to be forgotten, beloveds. Summations of history may last a while, yet the world does not remember all the people who passed through it. You and all your loved ones will be forgotten. I know that makes you sad, but, look, all of this that you know of life is but a wave of the Ocean. There is no loss. A wave was, and now it is gone. There are other waves now. The ocean is forever, but the waves are not. A wave is only a wave, and yet each wave is the Ocean itself. Waves merely return to the Ocean from which they came. They never left, and yet they return.

What is there to mourn? I know you don't like to think that there will come an imaginary time when no one will remember your dimples. Everything about you, your words, your thoughts, your deeds, your smile, all the events in your life will be forgotten. The lovely and the unlovely will drift away. You will not even be a memory. You are a wave of life, and waves move on.

Can you imagine a wave mourning for itself or another wave? Waves are waves, and waves go up and waves go down. This is the nature of waves. No wave minds that his particular shape dissolves back into the Ocean. A wave loses itself in order to find itself. A wave does not think of what it used to be. It doesn't remember when it was a great swell near the shore. It doesn't count its medals. It doesn't count its woes. It has no woes. Your woes don't exist either except from a perspective of your busy mind.

You might as well start letting go of the past now. You can't keep it, and for what imagined reason would you? Precious or grievous, it is only the past. It is a nothing thing. Oh, yes, you thought it was great once, or terrible once, yet it never was anything at all. The past cannot be held on to anyway, no matter how you try.

Look how flexible and pliant a wave is. And look at the power a wave has. It is only a wave, and yet it has the power of the Ocean. For a moment, a wave has an identity. A wave is not attached to its fleeting identity. A wave bends and turns. It does not want to be a box with stiff sides. Oh, no, a wave wants to swim. It wants to be a wave of the Ocean that swims.

It takes no effort for a wave to swim. A wave may be powerful, and yet its fluid motion is effortless. A wave offers no resistance to the tides. It is of the tides and yet not in the tides. Why, a wave is attached to nothing. It is not attached to how high it goes nor how low. A wave has a good time whatever state it is in.

What boundaries does a wave have? Large or small, a wave is boundless.

We can say that a wave is much greater than it appears to be. Waves do not think of themselves as small or large. Waves are happy with themselves whatever their size and wherever they may be. Lapping the shore, they are happy. In the center of the ocean they are happy. Waves are happy to be waves and to leap and play. What is there for a wave not to be happy about? They can only be happy because they do not hold on. They let go. They are free, and that's how they are happy.



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