Heaven #2721 Immersed in God

What I say to one, I say to all. What I say to all, I also say to you. Whatever love I express to one, I express to all. Whatever love I express to all is expressed to you. You plural and you singular are the object of My words and My love. I keep none for Myself, and yet I give totally to Myself, for I am within you. You've heard that before.

Whether you believe I am God, or you believe it not, whether you even believe in My existence, look to your heart and the Truth of what I say. Even if you glimpse a tiny spark of what I say, you have glimpsed, you have seen, you have felt. And if you do not see, you have, nevertheless, been blessed by the One Who knows how to bless in the synchronicity of love.

If I tap you on the head, I have tapped you on the head. It is wonderful for you to know that I tapped you, yet, whether you recognize it or not, I did tap you. I do not tap you on the head for Me, beloveds. My thought is not: "What will make Me feel good today?"

When do you think was the last time I did something to please Myself, as if there were a part of Me unpleased that must be solaced? Well, from a certain perspective that is true, because you are a part of Me, and I do want you pleased. it is My joy when you smile, yet I am joy whether you smile or not.

Are these My words to you right now? I ask you not what you think because what you think is a winding road. I ask you what you feel. What do you feel when you let these words wash over you? I will tell you that these words are descended from Me, and are given to you for your well-being. Do you think I give them for Me? Do you possibly imagine for even one moment that I need your love for them? Of course it makes a difference to Me that you read My words because then, with your heart open, you know you have been blessed. Yes, I want you to receive My blessings. I cannot do otherwise. The cry from My heart is: "Receive Me. Receive My love so you have it and so have it to pass on for Me. Know Me. Know Me so your heart blossoms. You are the fruit of My vine, and the fruit of My vine is to flourish and to flourish now in this moment of Eternity."

The question I ask is: How much of My love will you accept? How much of My love will you allow your heart to absorb? I am about love, and nothing but love, and My love is for you. What else could I be for but for you?

What do I need, beloveds? I certainly don't need your approbation. I, Who AM, I Who Am Everything, what can I possibly require but you to know Me so you know your own heart? It is you who needs your love for All That Is. Without that, you are bereft, and you disguise your bereavement in many ways.

Build a church to Me in your heart. Build a huge church in your heart where I am always whether you know it or not.

Know that all is taken care of. Know that you are taken care of, and that I am for you, and all is well wherever I am, and I am in your heart.



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