HEAVEN #2728 How Quiet the Ocean You Paddle On

You have been locked in time, and, therefore, bounded. Everyone on Earth lives in a time warp. That's just how it is on Earth, and, yet, it is possible to be less locked in. Perhaps do not hurry so much trying to keep up with time. Beloveds, time is much more agile than you. Cleverer too.

Time has given you the idea that it is your master. Why, the clock ticks every minute, as if time is not letting you forget its mastery. Even on vacations, you don't escape time. It is still the metronome running your life. You even have loud clocks that tell you when to wake up.

How nice it would be in another dimension than time. How nice it would be to not be the captive of time. How nice it would be if time had never been invented and you had been left free to follow your inner time. You would follow the sun and the stars. Without the overseer called Time, you would roll over your life. You would spread it out for the Universe. There would be no need for haste, nor would the word dawdle have been thought of. There would be no need to cut corners. There would be no fast-paced. There would be no fast food. All the world would be in leisure, smooth as silk, pliable, vibrant, very alive, all because it would no longer be a low-paid servant of time. The world would have a better time without time always looking over its shoulder.

You would eat when you were hungry. There would be no set time that you had to sit down to the table.

You might ask, "Well, how would people catch trains then?"

In a relaxed state of timelessness, there would be no impatience in waiting. It would be enjoyable to take this time out just to be. And when the train would come, you would get up and board it. And when the train reached where you wanted to be, you would get off.

How simple life would be. How easy. How generous. How thoughtful, and all because you would rise with the sun and sleep with the moon and the stars, and all the world would be calm. There would only be green pastures, and everyone would lie on the grass and look up at the sky.

As it is, time has pushed its way first, and the sky has had to play second fiddle.

To be in the world but not of the world means to be in time with the universe but not of time, out of the thrashings of time but never without plenty of time. Of course, there would not be world time. There would be love. You would hug your wife without looking at your watch. You would live in your heart. Your heart would advise when and what to do now.

It is not that you would be lazy. On the contrary, you would be much more energetic. You would only be energetic. There would be no time when you were not. Like the sun has the day, you would have energy. You would have the sun's energy.

You would not be busy as if busy were an accomplishment and a day something to get over with. You would be serene. You would go through your day as graceful as a swan, swimming in serenity and calm. How quiet would be the Ocean you paddle on. Your life would rise and fall with the sun, and you would be all set, thriving in the heart of the Universe and not at the beck and call of time. Time has been taken for granted. Who questions its authority? Who changes the clocks and changes time with a sweep of the dial? The sun has a reliable time. Go by the sun.



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