Heaven #2732 Roses, Roses, Roses

You have heard it before: The best is yet to come. At no time in the history of the world is this more true than now. This is not hype, beloveds. Get ready for the Heavens to open for you. You are going to have an onslaught of blessings. All you will have to do is to hold out your arms and receive what I have already told the Universe to give you.

So much wonder is going to befall that you may have to brace yourself! You don't mind, do you? You may find yourself covered in gold, maybe softer than that - great riches of diverse kinds. Wow, beloveds, soon, very soon.

We can name this year as The Year That Dreams Come True. Or perhaps We will call it The Year of Dreaming Bigger Dreams. Or perhaps The New World. Or The Merging of Heaven and Earth. Or The Invisible Made Visible. The Unending Rainbow. The Year of Good Fortune. The Year of Finding Out What Happiness Is. The End of Despair. The Season of Love on Earth. I could go on and on. I will, of course, go on and on, for I am Eternal, and so are you Eternal as well.

Let's call this The Year of Your Birth. Happy Birthday, Beloveds! You are a beautiful rose just beginning to bloom. You have had water, and the sun is shining on you. You will begin to bend over the horizon. All will be new because you are entering a new dimension of life on Earth where Truth is known.

You will give away old thinking now. You will disown it. You certainly don't want to own old thoughts when, now, your thoughts can sprout wings. Your thoughts will be angels. The angels of your thoughts will go far and wide, and where they stop, nobody knows. They will never stop. They will circle and encircle the world. They will gather speed and momentum. They will recycle wondrous love throughout the world. Unto the world, love is born. From rafter to rafter, love will fly and alight. You will drown in love, and never come up for air. It is love you will breathe in and out. You will not know whose love is whose. There will be no ownership, yet love will be owned and never owed. Love will free itself from bondage. Love will be in love with itself, and it will carry out its mission to occupy each heart, no exceptions. Love will declare itself sovereign.

Start thinking: "Everything is coming up roses. Everything is coming up roses." Let's get that blossoming into your DNA. Let this become the structure of your bones. Let this flow through your bloodstream. Let this be your mantra.

Yes, it is time to throw away all your old thinking. Overdue. Long overdue. Now only sensational elevating thoughts, thoughts that take you to the top floor, thoughts that brighten your eyes and put roses in your cheeks.

Pick up all the manna from Heaven, beloveds. All goodness is pouring down like rain right now. Get used to it.

Pour yourself a cup of dreams right now. Drink a whole pot of dreams at the end of the rainbow. Take a bath in the dreams We dream together. Swim in this Ocean of Great Bounty. Swim in the depths of My heart. Swim right up to Me, and say: "God, here I am, just where You want me! Here I belong, and here I stay. I bring the whole world with me. I cannot do anything else. And so I follow You, and the world follows me."


Sheila 20th May 2008 8:24 am

Bless you my beautiful sister, this speaks to the core of our being and the love that we are, with its reading it showers joy and confirmation to what is. It is like an answer to a quest of a thirsty and parched soul, that has been longing and searching for peace in the arms of the Belove Father of all. It rings a return to all that was forgotten and now is remembered. Now is the time unmerited favor. Thank you so much, for this posting. Love you always.



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