Heaven #2733 The Door behind Which Stand the Stairs to Heaven

There is nothing that can come between you and Me. This does not mean you are obliged to put Me first. There is nothing you have to do. I am First, and that is all there is to it. Whether you are aware or not, I am First. And yet there is no sequence where I am concerned. There is no sequence, and there is no priority. There is Reality.

When you love your child, I am not left out. When you enjoy friends, I am there. And when you are dovetailing at work, I am there. Even when you may not be enjoying a particular moment at work, I am paramount just the same. Even if you are committing a crime, I am with you. It is an inevitability that I am with you, very much engaged with you. Of this, there is no other possibility. That you may delude yourself, yes, that is possible. That you may delude the world, that is also possible. But the fact of My Presence is not altered. Above all, beloveds, I am never deluded. I am never fooled for one moment. You cannot pull the wool over My eyes, nor can you betray Me, nor step away half an inch from Me.

If someone in his life is trying to prove My nonexistence (I have to laugh as I say this) he can prove and prove every which way all he wants and never succeed. What is he trying to prove anyway? That he perhaps is worthless, and by association, so am I?

I suggest that all on Earth concede their inability to change the slightest thread of My love. You cannot dissuade Me of My love and My love for you. Talk about a Herculean task! Talk about a task impossible to attain!

Nor is there any point in trying to prove that I AM any more than I am not. It so happens I AM. What does your proof have to do with it? Proving has naught to do with Reality. It may have to do with the logic of the mind and such assorted things, yet it is really just a big fuss over nothing. Go ahead and prove the color of the sky, and what is the difference? The sky is blue, and My heart is true, and yours is too.

You may question the point of life. Understandably, you may. On the other hand, I say, what is the point in questioning the validity of what is? Must you and the world set your seal of approval? Must you dispute your very existence, or Mine for that matter? We are so intimate you and I, so entwined in a chain of love, that there is nothing that can be done about it except to give in to it. But what, beloveds, are you giving in to but your own true nature?

There is really only one door to open. When you enter, you say, "Ah! How wonderful this land. How rich the soil and the forest!" All you can say is "Ah" in great awe and admiration.

Enter any of the pretender doors, and all you can say is: "Grumble, grumble." The sign written on the door may be Discovery, but it is a ploy. You will, soon or late, discover you entered a nonexistent door when you could just as easily have entered the door behind which stand the stairs to Heaven. Once you enter this door, questions are left behind. Who can question such beauty? And why would anyone ever want to?

You and I are One, and We love each other, and there are no two ways about it. So come, be where you already are.


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