Heaven #2734 What God Asks of Us

When you go to a store and see something you really like, you guess the price before you see the price tag, and you are either pleasantly surprised, or you are taken aback. The world estimates a value, and pretty much My children take the world's assigned price as its value.

And so it is with everything in the world. You estimate its value. That's what you are doing all the time. You guess the usefulness of people to you. One person you rate a million dollars, and another a nickel. This is so even when you are aware of the high value I give.

I say that each child of Mine is worth gold. I do not compare My children. Across the board, I say each one is of an inestimable price. I would not trade even one of My children. Regardless of how a child of Mine may appear to you, I have set a value. My price is firm. There is no negotiation. And my set value includes you as well.

No child of Mine has a lesser value than you. No child of Mine has a greater value than you. I know treasure when I see it. I know the gold you are made of, and I know you are worth more than jewels and all the tea in China. My heart swells with pride as I think of you and what you mean to Me. I am the only True Assessor.

You may be the wealthiest man in the world, and you would gladly give away all your wealth for the sake of one of your children. The value you set on your child is the value to assign to every single person on Earth. All children are My children, and that, whether you are aware of it or not, is what you are growing toward, where all children on Earth are your children, and you value them all. This is not a mental activity, you understand, even though you realize it. It is your heart's resurgence.

I know that the area of your mind that evaluates tosses some of My children aside, as if not worth the time of day, and yet somewhere deep within you, deep within your heart, you know this is not so. You have, however, embraced however many of My children you embrace, and you have cast others aside. This is what you are growing beyond.

Of course, you cannot sit every child on your lap nor can you meet everyone on Earth, nor can you employ everyone, nor can you feed them all, but you can greet them all. Your heart can make room for all. Your heart is big enough. Your heart can accommodate all.

Take what I say at face value, and your intellect will allow your heart to open itself gladly to welcome every Being on Earth. When I say you are the welcomer of the Universe, I mean just that. It is your heart that welcomes. The same light that shines in Christ shines in all. I favor all. And now you grow to where you also favor all. Now you treat all with the greatest consideration and regard for their inestimable value to Me.

This does not make you a softie. It makes you an aware Human Being.

As it is now, you don't value what I created enough. As it is now, you don't value yourself enough.

Now is the time for you to rise to the evaluation I say and to see it for yourself. What is this that I ask of you, beloveds, but to honor as I do honor? What is this that I ask of you but to love as I do love? What is this that I ask of you but to love all as I do love you, My beautiful Child.


ava414 23rd May 2008 8:39 am

23/05/2008 3:34PM

Dear Heaven

I hope you never get betrayed by someone in this lifetime where you feel you have been treated unjust. Most people will say, I will not judge those who did unjust things to me, but the wheel turn and God will do the judgment. Ever heard this story? Now, on who's side is God? And will the wheel turn for the sake of justice? THat asks the question about justice - is there anything like that at all in this world - is it necessary at all? If you say yes, you are betraying what you wrote in "What God asks of Us". As in "What God asks of Us", we are all equal - doesn't matter what we do to one another - no judgment will take place as their is no such thing as judgment, only everybody being equal to one another.



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