Heaven #2735 Feel the Excitement

Are you beginning to feel the excitement? I am going to call it excitement. It is the excitement of a spring day. It is that energy of the Universe sailing right into your heart. It is the energy of the stars, and it is the energy of dreams dreamed and made manifest. It is the energy of love, beloveds. This energy is enveloping you. There is nothing for you to do but be at the mercy of great love percolating.

This energy is not new. It's just that you too often have been on the lookout for something else. Danger, perhaps. What someone else thinks of you, perhaps. What you think of someone. Trouble has been on your mind. Hurt feelings. Narrow escapes. The list is long of all the other things you think about when all that is worth occupying your mind is this simple energy of love, the sap of life itself.

There are warning signs all over the world. These signs have taken their toll on you. Now it is for you to overlook those signs, and consider love instead. Let your mind snack on love rather than all the other matters. Life is a matter of love, beloveds.

Consider the signs of spring. Birds are always singing whether you hear them or not. Whatever the season, flowers are always being readied to burst forth. Even cold temperatures contribute to the sweet smell of flowers. All the colors of the world are a feast for your eyes. Leaves unraked cushion your feet, protect the ground, nourish the soil. What great combinations are there all set out for you! What genius has gone into the creation of this world! It is a marvel, all the interconnectedness.

You have looked at differences for long enough. Now look at Oneness.

Can you believe that there are those who still judge and make something of differences? Perhaps even you used to. Never mind the perceived differences. They are only skin-deep.

There is so much wonder in the world for your eyes to feast on, why would you feast on what is unimportant or even silly? Perhaps you say that trouble is not unimportant. I agree with you, but why would you spend a minute looking at it when there are so many wonderful things to look at?

You can look at the whole Universe, and you can look at one microcosm and find inexplicable beauty and joy. There is a world out there, beloveds, and it is yours. It is your playground. It is your garden. It is yours. It is yours to own in your heart. It exists to make it yours, to love it as yours and everyone's. You are to float your love everywhere.

Of course, it is not necessary to have an object for your love. You can float in your own love regardless of what is occurring in the world, whether flowers are in bloom or in disarray. Certainly, you can be happy inasmuch as all happiness lies within you. You do not have to cite the world for your happiness. Yet, beloveds, why not look at the joy in the world instead of whatever you have been looking at? Why not eat the foods you love rather than those you don't?

Why fault anything when there is so much delight to choose from? Why fault any person in the world when there are so many obviously beautiful souls there for the asking? Why read a book you don't love when there are so many you would love? Love yourself enough that you surround yourself with love, inside and out.



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