Heaven #2736 The World Will Blossom

At the same time as I tell you to enjoy the spectacle of the world, to even be dazzled and overwhelmed by its beauty, at the same time I tell you not to be dazzled, not to be overwhelmed, for this is how magnificent the world is meant to be. Love the stars. They are dazzling. Love them and uphold them and declare their beauty. Honor the stars. Honor all the beauty of the Universe, for it is yours. The beauty is so much yours that you do not have to be attached to it.

What I am trying to say is that if there is a cloudy night and the stars are not seen, you do not have to despair. Love dearly, and not have to have what you love in view. Whether you see the stars or not, they are there. They have not gone away. You are not dependent upon seeing them. In any case, they see you, for they see a reflection of themselves in you. The stars shine their light on you regardless of clouds or smog. Stars are. Beauty is. And they are reflected in you.

There is nothing you have to cling to, beloveds. Not even to life itself. There is nothing you have to have because you have it all.

Never mind the shiny new car you don't have. Never mind the presence nor lack of the obvious. Widen your perception to include the glories of the world and Heaven whether you see them right in front of you or not.

When you are a good friend, you love your friend in sun and rain. Your love for your friend does not have to be dependent upon his being all you want him to be at a particular moment. You don't dismiss your friend from your heart because he is not sparkling every moment. Nor do you need to begrudge the world when the world is not the perfect soul mate you have desired.

When the world does not present its perfect profile to you, can you not love it the same? For what reason would you despair of the world and your life in it? For what reason would you throw the world to the dogs, as it were?

You live in a house. The house is not always perfect in your eyes. Sometimes the roof leaks or a window rattles and stairs creak. You do not pick on your house because it isn't perfect. You may spruce it up instead.

The world is your home, and it deserves more appreciation from you. Please stop pointing out the world's defects to yourself or to anyone. Never mind its wrinkles. Multiply the love in the world instead. Pat the world on its head and love it. Make the world the love of your life. Let your life be love. If you want the world to be different, if you want your life to be different, then give it credence. When you see life as you like it, let it know what you like.

In the light of your appreciation, the world will blossom. You will blossom. Deserts will blossom. Oases will spring up.

It is so simple, beloveds. When you disparage the world, the world feels your disparagement. You make it feel bad, and it doesn't know how to get out of the funk it is in. On the other hand, when you see the beauty in the world, you increase the world's beauty. With your affection for the world, the world betters itself, for you have recognized it for the marvelous creation I made. Your love for the world feeds it. It is you who paints the world by what you pay attention to.

Let Us all hold hands and perceive the glories of the world together and let go of anything less, so that, without your attention on the dross, the dross will no longer be nourished, and, therefore, will no longer thrive nor even exist.



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