Heaven #2737 You Can Leave the Table of Your Thoughts

Do not fuss. Even when circumstances seem dire, you must not fuss.

Even when you are tearing your hair out over difficulty with someone in your life, it is for you to find that which resides within that person that you can appreciate, can really appreciate and not just tokenly.

When there is a great difference of opinion, you can be glad that someone else also cares as much about something as you do. You can be glad that you live in a land where two people can disagree. You can be glad that you do not think alike. You can be glad that difference of opinion exists. You can be glad that you do not force your opinion upon another. You can be as glad to be mistaken as you can be glad to be right. You can be glad you are someone who desires harmony over victory. Perhaps you can even be glad to keep silent as well as speak up when that is the thing to do.

Even when you have bent over backwards for another person, and they don't see your deference, find something about them that you can appreciate anyway, if only that they are as determined as you.

Consider that each person in your life, no matter how difficult, is a gift to you. It may be a gift you have had for a long or a short time. It may be a gift you do not appreciate. You may not know how to abandon the gift somewhere because, even when you do, the memory and effect of this gift linger. Of course, your thought about any situation or individual does not have to be like a bad penny that turns up. Bright shiny good pennies can turn up instead.

Beloveds, I do know you have gone further than holding onto long-term grudges. Now let go of the short-term ones too. Let go of the ones that last a day, or an hour, or even two minutes. Why have them at all? Have disagreements all you want, but no resentment to follow along with them.

It will all come out in the wash, beloveds.

Moments happen. That is all that happens. You ride a horizontal escalator, and you see one sight after another. You are merely passing by the sights. Or perhaps it is you who is standing still, and the sights are on the escalator moving past you. This scene of life doesn't have to be something that bothers you. It doesn't have to be anything at all, but a moment, a little blip, a snap of the fingers. You can be sure whatever occurs is only a passing moment. You can discard it. You can let it go by without holding on to it. You can let it go. In any case, it is leaving you. It can only be a passing thought that you try to hold on to. There isn't anything else to hold on to.

With occurrences and people in life, you don't have to relive every moment or weigh it or edit it.

Live, and everything is taken care of the same way the food you eat is. You don't have to insist that your food digest. Nor do you have to insist that life take any course but the course it does take. You can get up from a meal. You don't have to stay at the table. You can get up and go sit at another table or take a walk in the park.

And so it is with your thoughts. You can leave the table of your thoughts. You don't have to keep them in thrall. Your mind is a receptacle of your thoughts, but you don't have to harbor every thought. Your thoughts can move along. You don't have to say hello to them. Even when you do, you are capable of saying so long without a backward glance.



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