Heaven #2740 The Peace of Love

When will you believe Me that everything is all right? When will you believe that the sun will shine tomorrow whatever may occur? Even in the midst of war, the sun rises. The sun rises above the horizon every day, regardless of whether you are having a good day or a bad day. Of what perplexity does the sun take to heart? The sun shines, and love is, regardless of whatever else is going on. What is of the import that you give to an event? Of what consequence are all the matters that matter to you?

I know that what befalls seems like the end of the world, but the world has not ended yet nor will it. So long as there is consciousness, the world exists. Once again, with speculation on your fears, your dominance in the world is clear. Be dominant with other thoughts.

If I ask you, "What need is there of war?" in a lucid moment you would say, "None." When you are drunk with anger or ego, you might say: "Of course, there is need. Did you see what the OTHERS said, what they did? We must settle this, and if with war, so be it."

Imagine the foolhardiness of settling anything with war! That is like saying, "I will settle down to sleep by staying awake!" Settle matters with war? Why, that is a way to be unsettling. By what right can wars be declared? By what right can wars be fought? And yet there are even wars among families. Why not, when wars are always against something in yourself?

Whatever someone wants to do, he will find reasons for it. Whatever you want, you will find reasons for. If you want to fight, you will find reasons to fight. If you want to make peace, you will find reasons to make peace. You can find reasons galore for anything you want. Is it possible you want fear? For what other reason would you have so much of it? Do you really think you can make friends with fear? I suppose if you think you make peace by wars, then you can think that fear is the way to freedom from fear.

If I ask you, "What need is there for fear?" in a lucid moment, you would say, "None." Yet when you are in the midst of fear, you might, in a shaky voice, give Me a long list.

Beloveds, you do not need the armor of fear any more than the world needs wars.

Give Me a list of all the reasons there are to be unafraid. Being unafraid is not the same as brave. You don't have to be brave. Fear in the world all by itself denotes a reason to fear. Fear is as bad, or even worse, than that which you fear.

I hear you fear a cold. I hear you fear some kind of imminent danger. You even fear love for fear that love will be taken away. Beloveds, don't even fear being loveless. Lovelessness does not exist, so you fear nothing. All your fears are nothing.

Oh, I know, what you are thinking. I know you jump to your defense of fear as if fear really does you any good. Instead of being fearful, beloved, be joyful. Look for joy around every corner. Look, the sun reaches everywhere but a dark cave. If you are in a dark cave of fear, get out. Go into the sunshine and love the sun. You can always go back into a cave if that's what you want. The darkness will be there waiting for you. If you prefer the shade, be in it. If you prefer the sunshine, be in it. Is there a hard decision to make? Choose that which you want to choose. Who needs the cold of darkness when there is the sun to give warmth? Who needs the cold heart of war when there is the peace of love?



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