Heaven #2741 Your Soul Is like a Garland

Whatever happens to your body, nothing can happen to you.

Contrary to the prevalent feeling on Earth, the most important thing in the world is not to keep the body alive. Life of the body does not need to be held on to so tightly. Of course, no reason to look for the body to leave any more than to hang on to it. The physical body has its term of service. It lasts only a lifetime.

But not you, beloveds. You are eternal. Connected to a body or disconnected from a body, you are eternal. That which is you is eternal. No matter how much you may identify with your body, your body is not you. It is very important while you dwell in it. Even so, it is incidental to you.

Nourish your physical body. Keep it oiled. Honor it. Your body gives you great service. While you are physical on Earth, your body is the vehicle you run around in. You are visibly known by it. Without question, your body is a miracle. A time comes when your body finishes its service to you and the Universe. Its tour of duty is over. And then, the spirit of you, rises fully to its Source, and you continue onto a boundless adventure without your body that you became habituated to and loved so much even when you were dissatisfied with it.

The world may say you lose your body. Beloveds, you leave it like an old pair of pants you step out of. You leave your body behind, and the significance of it no longer reigns. Consider that when your loved ones leave their physical bodies, they are free of it. Oh, yes, now they can fly.

The body was loyal, and you treated it right. And yet it is not that you are beholden to it. Your physical form is not a keepsake. It is a simple vehicle with only a lifetime guarantee. The guarantee is limited. And no one knows how long the guarantee is good for.

It is a beautiful thing to be born into a physical body. It is so much fun. You can run with it. You can walk with it. You can sit down with it. You can eat with it. You can sleep with it. Your physical body is really quite a companion. Think of it, it houses your soul! But only for a while. Only for so long. Your body is dependent upon you. You are really not dependent upon it.

Beloveds, the body is not your god.

Certainly, you serve your body while it serves you, and yet it is not meant to be your god. Love your body. Love what it does for you. Sit in the sun with it, but do not worship it as if you could not get along without it.

The body is not supreme. You are. You can get along without your body very well. Consider your body like a wind-up watch that, at an undetermined time, will run down.

Your body carries you. It does well by you. Your body really worships you. It knows it's indentured. It knows it is to serve you until it is no longer to serve you.

May your body serve you well. May you serve your body well. And when it is time to part, part with a fond adieu. Your body will not mourn you. Your body believed in its own fallibility.

And now you must believe in your own infallibility.

You can pin medals on bodies, but not on souls. Souls have Eternity instead. Souls are not just long-lasting. They are everlasting. This is true for your soul. You have a soul, and your soul is like a garland, and it is beautiful, beloved.



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