Heaven #2742 Oneness Dancing on Earth

More and more you are going to be wondering whose thoughts you are thinking. You will wonder:

"Are these Your thoughts, God, or are they mine? Where oh where do my thoughts come from? Do You emanate a vibration that filters down to me? Are Your thoughts filtered vibrations that my mind changes and alters in order to accommodate them? And, finally, do these thoughts burst forth in the adulterated form that I interpret as my own, that I have been calling my own, far too often a far cry from the pureness of what must have been Your original burst of love?

"It has to be that all energy that arises on Earth originates from You in Heaven, doesn't it? And are not thoughts energy? Are not my thoughts energy?

"I pray there will be less filtering. With less filtering, then my thoughts will become more like Yours, God - dare I say more Godlike? Do my thoughts become then more loving, and therefore I will be able to love more and more equitably? May this happen soon!

"It has to be possible that I will become more genuinely loving. It has to be that my thoughts will become less random. It has to be that I will curse less in traffic or at unbidden memories of one recollection or another. It has to be that the day will come when I no longer mutter under my breath. It has to be. I long for it.

"As my thoughts follow Yours more closely, it has to be that I will also think less. I wonder what will take the place of all my thoughts. I like to think it would be knowing, just knowing instead, just knowing, just being. As it is, my head is too full of thoughts, roaming thoughts, as if, without sundry thoughts about my existence, I would not exist.

"Yet I wonder how much of my individual self I want to continue fostering. I wonder how many opinions I still want to have. How much more, I want to be aligned with You, dear God."

Beloveds, beloved sons and daughters of Mine, inasmuch as We are, in Reality, One, you will notice that Our thoughts will commingle more. There will be less separation. Is this not what you seek, to be more One with Me?

The time will come when there will be less difference between Us, and that includes Our thinking. Once all the fluff goes away and clouds lift, clarity inevitably comes to the fore. Quite naturally there will be less perceived division. Then you will truly come into your own, beloveds, which means My Own. You will not own Me. I will not own you. We will be consciously Oneness dancing on Earth.

Not only will you not know the difference between your thoughts and Mine, you will not know the difference any longer between you and the one you seemingly talk to. You will begin to know that you talk to yourself, for the same light that glows in Me glows in you and all those seeming individuals before you.

When this happens, beloveds, it is quite natural. You will not slap your thighs. You will just go along on an elevator that has risen higher. You will not think about what floor the elevator is taking you to. You will just be there. In fact, it won't matter which floor you get to because the Elevator Operator will be I, and, when you get off, it will be I Who gets off, and it will be I that you greet when you get off.

But, of course, you will never get off. Nor will I. Nor will anyone.




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