Heaven #2743 All of Heaven and Earth

Oh, My beloveds, may your journey take you far beyond the shores of the bounded world! What the world contains is wonderful, and wonderful for you, and yet, at the same time, it is not enough. Running along the surface of life, you tend to falter. You fall into disarray.

It is not that life has to be smooth sailing for you. It is that you need more than what the extant world itself can offer you.

It is not that you need flights of fancy. It is that you already know there is more for you, that it is yours and it waits for you.

You may feel that the "more" is just out of reach, and yet it is right within you. It has already been within reach, beloveds. The more that you are seeking, the more that you deserve, the more that you must have - all of it is already yours. Your dreams have already landed. They parachuted down, perhaps when you were not looking, or you were looking elsewhere.

All you seek is already yours. It is not even yours for the asking, because, when your dreams have already arrived, who is there to ask for them but yourself? Your dreams may have arrived like a package when you were out somewhere else, perhaps out to lunch. That there are deliveries you have not yet noticed does not mean that they have not arrived. They just haven't yet arrived in your awareness.

The dream you have for Greaterness has already been fulfilled. Your dreaming of it, wishing for it, even when you don't quite know its name - it has already arrived, and you have not yet noticed. It had already arrived at the moment you first thought of it. Your dreams of aspiration are the same as your dreams of fulfillment. It only takes your noticing, beloveds.

I am talking of bigger dreams than the ones most often spoken of in the world. I am speaking of the closeness of Our association. I am speaking of Our Oneness Supreme and all that it entails. I am speaking of Heaven. I am speaking of the Heaven of your birthright. I am speaking of the Totality of Oneness that you so yearn for and don't understand why it is not yet yours. Only in your awareness is it not.

It is already yours. It was always yours. You have never been outside the circumference of this Oneness you yearn for. In fact, there is no circumference to be outside of. All of the love you seek, all of the love you seek to give, all of it, all of your dreams, are already stationed within you. They are part of you. They are melted within you. They are the sum and substance of you. You have been looking for your glasses that you simply forgot are on your forehead.

What else could be meant by "The Kingdom of Heaven is within"?

If I told you that your keys were in your pocket, you would no longer look for them on the table. You would reach in your pocket.

So now I ask you to reach into your heart, into that powerhouse of your heart, and find Me there already situated within you. I have never been anywhere else. You may think that is a preposterous statement, but you think so only because you haven't understood. You haven't known better.

But now I have told you, and now you know, and now you no longer run around in a flurry. The whole Universe is contained within you. That means all of it. Not just some of it, not just a meager portion, but all of it. All of Heaven and Earth is contained within you. In you. Not in someone else, even though everyone has all of Heaven and Earth too. No one has a lesser share. No one has a greater share. The availability is for all because the All is One. There is no one else.



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