Heaven #2744 A Great Storehouse of Love

Rain or shine, love reigns.

I do know that sometimes you feel your heart is vacant of love. That is an indictment you make.

If your heart does indeed feel empty, then you can know it is ready to be filled up with more love than you may have recognized before. If there can be a little lull between deliveries, if there can be, then consider your heart like a store that empties its shelves in order to receive new wares.

There is no running out of love. Whatever you have thought, the human heart never runs out of love. No more than My heart can run out of love, can yours. Consider your heart a tributary of Mine, if you will, and know that every tributary is fed from its source. The tributary has no say over it.

What is your Source, beloveds? Who may your Creator have been? I do not see anyone else for the job but Me. I am well capable of filling every heart to the brim. Whether you avail or notice, well, that may be a different story. Whatever story you may tell yourself, the fact is that you are born of love. Regardless of the disguises you wear, no matter how well you disguise yourself, no matter how much you have bought your own disguise as Truth, the fact remains: Your heart is full of love. It is made of love. And you are your heart, for within your heart lies your connection to Me. Your heart is gold melted from Mine. My heart encompasses the world, and so does yours. Your heart is not even yours. It is Mine. I won't even say that your heart is a spin-off of Mine, that your heart is an off-shoot. No, I say that your heart is exactly My heart. The big difference is that I know what a heart is, and you don't.

You assume that the heart housed in your chest is yours. Beloveds, your heart is like My lasso. The heart you call your own encircles much further in the Universe, and, yet, your heart is held in My hand. I give you much leeway, and, yet, I never let go of your heart. Actually, it is your heart that is in My image, beloveds.

Your heart is far bigger than you think, and yet the evidence of your heart is according to your thoughts. Give of your heart, no matter what you may be feeling right now. Give more credit, more credence to your heart, and your heart will dance to My tune. It will leap across tall buildings and across all imagined boundaries. It will soar through the skies, climb every mountain, sail every sea, slide down every slide and be hooked up to Mine.

Give My love that is in your heart. Take all the bows, that's fine with Me, yet begin to know the Oneness that We are. All love is Mine, beloved. You have a great storehouse of love because My heart is yours, and yours Mine. We have such a reciprocity that it can only be called Oneness, Our Oneness, beloveds. We have a Oneness of heart. That you may travel far from your heart, well, that is already known. Now know that I swing My lasso of love far and wide, and that your heart is inevitably associated with the arc of My heart as it swings and as it reaches the furthermost corners. I swing your hearts, beloveds. It is inevitable because Our connection is so tight. When I lift My arm, you lift yours. Now, your heart will beat with Mine.



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