Heaven #2745 God Would Do a Song and Dance

Heavenletters come in assorted colors. Some are literal and down to earth for you. Some are poetic. Some make you smile. Perhaps some bring tears. I go to all lengths to reach you. It is My love that I want to reach you, to reach your conscious awareness, for My love has never been absent from you. Never ever.

You don't still have doubt about My love for you, do you? If so, I would do a song and dance for you. I would whirl you in My arms and swing you around the Universe. I would elope with you to a far-off galaxy. I would lead a parade. I would fly a helicopter with you in it. I would skywrite across the blue sky: "I AM God, and I love you!"

You would know I love you just as you are, that I love all of My creation, that I have never paused in My love for you and all the Beings on Earth or any galaxy beyond.

To reach you, I would create bright rainbows for you to walk on. I would lift you up under your arms and bring you to Heaven. All of this would be for My delight.

I would send you love notes. Many would be called Heavenletters. You would find them everywhere. You would hear them spoken by everyone. All the newspapers would have headlines that say Heavenletters. You would be interviewed on talk shows about My love which the world would see as increasing. You and I would know My love was always this much.

I would string a clothesline across the sky, and I would hang Heavenletters on it.

I would have celestial musicians singing My song on every street corner.

I would hand Myself out on every street corner the way pamphlets are handed out.

The way newspapers are delivered to newsstands in trucks, I would deliver Heavenletters.

There would be a hit song called God, and I would sing it. Everyone would hum it. Birds already sing it. All of nature sings My ever-present song. The trees whisper it.

My song contains One Word, and the Word is God.

The One Word will be on the tip of everyone's tongue.

I will be preceded and followed by Myself.

I will see beyond a doubt that there is no One but Myself. You will see no one but yourSelf, and what you see will be God, and the song you hear will be Mine, and the good you do will be Mine.

I will cost nothing, and I will be valued everywhere.

Every Being on Earth will be valued according to My worth. Every Being and every facet of life will be valued. By the same token, you will value yourself. You will value yourself highly.

You will see beauty wherever you go. Everything will be beautiful. There will be nothing unbeautiful.

All will stand in My light. There will be nothing but My light. And how My light will shine! It will shine from everyone's eyes.

My light will shine, and My peace will reign.

There will be no dark corners. All will be light.

Every path will be lighted. All will be brightness.

There will be no endings, only beginnings. There will be no beginnings, either, for all has already begun. There will only be this-ness. There will be no that-ness. There will be Allness. There will be Oneness. There will be you. There will be I. There will be the One of multiplicity.



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Each day’s Heaven Letter contains a new message God wants you to hear that day. For people of all faiths, or of none, Heaven Letters are like a walk you take with God. With each step, you come closer until you find there is no distance between you and God.

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