Heaven #2746 God Waved His Wand, and Stars Appeared

Every heart is connected to Mine. And every heart is connected to the stars. Of course, everything is connected to everything. From the stars, you came. From the sun, you came. When I said, "Let there be light," there became light, and no less light from you than from the sun and the stars. The stars reflect light, and so is it with you, My beloveds. You reflect light. I do not know the difference between light and love. To Me, they are the same. To Me, love is lighted. Love lights the world. Love is everything. There would be nothing without it.

Fortunately, there is light, and We bathe in it. Light shines on Us, and We shine light. I am speaking of the We of I and the We of you. I might as well just say I. I think I will say I. I swim in the light. Pollywogs do. Everything swims in the light of love. There would be no swimming pools with water without light and love. There would no life without light and without love. Life, love, light are all the same. All of these come from My Will. My Will consists of My desires. I desired life, and I rightly knew that life was inseparable from light and love. Even back then, when the first molecule was created, I knew about light and love. I knew their brilliance and all their capabilities. I knew I loved them. I knew I could only love them. I knew their importance, light and love and life on Earth. I knew their importance to Me.

I knew they would have to be built into Creation. I knew there could be no Creation without them. I suppose I could have ordered even life to come from darkness, but who would want to do that? Not I. Even the fictional Lucifer gave himself a name that means Light. Everyone wants light. How could there be an opposite to Me? All were made in My image, and My image is light.

That I created the world means that I lit it up. My heart was a wand of light that allowed Creation to appear. And you appeared on the vast screen of the world. I see the light where you are. Why, beloveds, it is light that connects Us. Many-rayed is My heart. The rays of light from My heart to the world are uncountable, but they are not unaccountable.

Oh, yes, all My rays are accountable. That is what Free Will means. Free Will does not mean license, beloveds. It means responsibility. It means naturalness. It is as natural for you to shine your light as it is for Me to shine Mine. Anyway, it is My light you shine. You are the light shining from My heart. You are My powerful wand. I waved My wand, and stars appeared. You came from the stars, and the stars came from you. I cannot say for certain whether you or the stars came first. I think all light burst forth at once. All stories, as it must be, cannot be told all at once. All stories must follow a sequence, but the Reality of Creation was spontaneous and instantaneous. There was no step by step. It was all at once. All at once a beautiful light burst forth, and sparkles landed. Love and light burst forth on Earth. It is lighted still. Sparks of light and love still sparkle. Some are still landing. My light on Earth is still dazzling. Are you not dazzled by what I made? Remember that I made you, and I made you bright light.


willy c. 3rd June 2008 10:52 am

I wonder how any person can speak for God. The P's addressed this by saying the source of "All That Is" is so very powerful, no human could begin to mix with such a magnanimous, all knowing, all encompassing source; and yet all creation carries the seed of that source energy. I feel Gloria's intention reflects consciousness beyond her own but it is quite a leap for me in assuming that her source is God and not an aspect of our Creator. But, what's that saying about the details?

Cindy 4th June 2008 5:07 am

This is a reply to Willy C. comment. Willy, have you read the Bible, particulary the Old Testament? God spoke to man. He spoke to Moses quite a few times, he spoke to mankind through Moses. He also spoke to man through Noah.

His son lived upon this Earth for a while. I believe that everyrhing he taught man, love, patience, understanding, forgiveness, and most importantly he taught man not to judge unless they have no sin theirselves. Do you know anyone that is without sin?

Now, I think the "P's" as you call them have much knowledge and their teachings are great, really. And I understand what you are saying. Perhaps they too, like everyone, can make mistakes or be misunderstood. Do we know for certain who "All That Is" is God?

There are so many unanswered questions when we speak of our higher powers, God, "All That Is".... the list grows on and on. I think that we "all" still have much to learn. And much of that will not be learned in this life time.


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