Heaven #2748 Yes, Free Will

You do have free will. I gave it to you. You could say I gave you the world, and that the world is illusion. So you might say I gave you the illusion of free will and not free will really. You might say free will is a myth, perhaps a come-on.

Yes, there is destiny, and, yes, there is foreknowledge, and, yes, there are those matters you do not have direct influence over, although you do influence more than you know. It so happens you influence the weather. You influence the news. You may not know what is even on the news, and yet you have influenced it. You have more influence than you know. You always have had greater influence than you knew.

Look, if free will were not yours, you would be a puppet or a pawn. In any case, you would be a simple recipient of all factors in life. Beloveds, if you did not have free will, what would you be doing here on Earth? If every single aspect of your life were ordained, why would you bother? If there were no free will, you might sit like a blob and just let life happen as if you had no will of your own.

Fortunately, I did give you free will. I told you to go out and multiply. If you did not have an option, why would I have told you, beloveds?

I offered you free will and to grant free will to others. This is a mandate I gave you. Exercise it, beloveds. You are not a leaf in the wind. You are a sentient Human Being with a will of your own. You'd better have a will of your own. Who is responsible for your life as you live it if not you?

Certainly, you don't decide all the circumstances, and yet you are not to abscond from the responsibility of your own life and how you deal with the circumstances that surround you.

Certainly, fate seems to exist, and you are fated to use your free will. You have some say in your fate, beloveds.

Yes, not everything is in your hands. Or is it?

Now, the time will come when your will is totally aligned with My Will. You have the free will to align your will with Mine. As you come closer and closer to Me, what happens is that you find out what your will is. You find out that what you want is the same as what I want. You find out that you think the way I do. You find out that you see as I see. You have not lost yourself. You have found yourself. Do not think that you have given up your free will. You simply find yourself in a place where you do not deny yourself the love and wisdom that are yours. It is not so much that you follow the leader as it is that you recognize your Oneship with Me. We blend, beloveds, we blend beautifully.

The time will come when you do not know whether your thoughts are yours or Mine. So complete will Our Union be that you will totally embrace Our wisdom. What is wisdom, beloveds, but My Will? What happens is that you see for yourself what My Will is, and, therefore, you accept it as your own. You are not helpless nor hapless.

Yet you always have the free will to act one way or another. In one sense, nothing is a foregone conclusion. In another sense, you can argue that everything is a foregone conclusion.

It is a foregone conclusion that you will come to Me. And, yes, there is My grace. There is also your grace.

But, of course, all of this is palaver, because We are One, and who really cares about theory?



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