Heaven #2751 Return to Innocence

Are not fruit and flowers My messengers? Are not all the animals of the field and forest and ocean sea? And are not you, My beloved child, are you not My messenger sent to deliver love and peace to the world?

You need no title, no uniform. Your title is Beloved Child of God, and your uniform is whatever you happen to be wearing. You need no badge. Your life is your badge. By your birth, you merit all the honors that can be bestowed. The thing is: You don't honor yourself enough. That seems to be the case, do you agree?

Otherwise, why would you look for reward in so many of the corners on Earth? Why would you look for it anywhere or everywhere when you are possessed of My honor to begin with? Can anyone's regard or display of approbation really mean more than Mine? When you have My love, what are you lacking, beloveds? What can you possibly be lacking?

Is it that you don't believe in My love, and that's why you search for more and more esteem in the world? I am not chastening you for your search for more, beloveds. I am not. Yet I am allowed to wonder. Perhaps there are more signs of love and regard for Me to give you. To the best of My ability, I have tried every which way and that.

I would like to fill your heart so it no longer aches for you know not what. I do understand that your heart aches for more. I would ask you to tell me what your heart aches for, yet I know what your heart aches for is deeper than the thoughts that might come to your mind.

I do know that every heart aches for a happy home life, and not everyone has it. This is enough to make anyone's heart ache. So how can we solve this? How can we make homes across the world without strife and competition? We know that riches are not the answer. Oh, maybe for a minute, they are. But what then?

We know that being without riches is not the answer either.

Where can the answer be? You already conceive that the answer does not lie outside My beloved children, and yet access to the inside seems to be blocked. Otherwise, every soul on Earth would be dancing for joy, and there would be no stopping the joy. Certainly nothing would prevent it.

I suppose I could say that there is perhaps too much looking for this inner fulfillment elsewhere, not exactly in the wrong places, yet not the right place either where fulfillment is self-sustaining. Of course, you want lasting fulfillment, not just teasers.

It must seem like a huge task for My beautiful children to look for fulfillment within. Where would you start, you must wonder. Where exactly is within, you must wonder. How do you get there, and how do you stay there?

Well, then, let's start on the outside. Yes, let's start on the outside. Find an ocean to look at. Find an ocean to plunge in. If you don't have an ocean near you, find a forest. Or find the stars! Find a reflection of the sun on a leaf. Or find one Human face that melts your heart.

If you are confined and cannot even look outside a window, then find a picture. Find an artist's rendition or a photograph.

And if you have no access to magazines or books then, find a picture within your mind. Your heart will rise along with the tide. Your heart will rise with the image of trees blown by a breeze.

Find a picture of a baby within your heart, and watch what happens.

What happens is that you return to innocence and leave judgment behind you, which is just where judgment belongs, so then innocence can stay with you always.



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