Heaven #2752 Blue Skies

I will sing popular songs to you this morning. "Nothing but blue skies from now on!" Or I may just hum the same song over and over again. I may keep the same song, and you will never be able to get its echo out of your mind. It will keep repeating itself. "Nothing but blue skies from now on."

What do you imagine would happen to the world when this tune and these words go through everyone's mind? What revolution of world order would there be? What would change? What revolution would there be in the heart of man? What would life be like when everyone hums the same tune I do?

What would happen to strife? What would happen to worry and anxiety? Where would they go, and where would you be? Where could you be but in Heaven where blue skies are always and forever?

"Blue skies from now on."

There will be no upsets, or, if there somehow are, the upsets will not be upsetting, for everyone will be carrying the same theme throughout the Universe. And what a theme to carry! Perhaps you will think of more themes like this or even better. Yet this one will do. This one will do nicely.

Rainy days won't break the rhythm of My song.

Nothing will break the enchanting rhythm of life. Did you think that clouds could?

What can undermine My singing and My song? What mood of man can possibly change the beat of My song and the beat of My heart?

I sing of thee. I sing of thee and I sing to you as if I were singing to Myself. It is not new that I sing. You must be aware that I sing to the rivers and the forest and to the deserts and the snow. What did you imagine held up the Universe? Whom did you imagine hung the stars in the sky and twirled the Universe? Whom did you imagine pumped the blood through your heart? Whom did you imagine pumped the life force into your veins and all the love of God in your heart?

I have never stopped singing My song. The song I sing is ever the same. I sing it in the language of love, and My love filters down in music and is filtered into the language you are used to. There is no language that does not convert the tune and lyrics of My song. There is not anyone who cannot hear My singing.

Now I ask you to be the chorus of My song. I ask you to repeat after Me: "Blue skies from now on!"

What a crescendo will be heard on Earth! Upon the singing of My song and everyone's hearing My tune from wherever it comes, wars will stop in the middle. Harsh words will stop in the middle, all because you, too, sing My song. You will express My song even without words, just by humming it in your heart, just by keeping My song in front of you as if you are carrying the flag of Heaven. Oh, yes, beloveds, you are My flag-bearers in this peace march of My song across all the barriers the world has laid down.

And now love will wave in every heart, and without words, peace will be proclaimed, and peace will be in every heart and in every spot on Earth, all because My song was echoed across every mountaintop, and wholeheartedly sung through all the hearts in the world who are so happy to sing the Truth of life and never stop singing it, well knowing that the music and the lyrics are true.



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