Heaven #2753 Add to the Splendor

A true leader inspires. A true leader takes responsibility gladly. He is the servant who serves others through his leadership. It could be said the leader is the one who does most of the work. Certainly, the overall responsibility lies most on his shoulders. May his shoulders be broad and willing. May his happiness lie in his serving gladly and contributing to the whole.

A leader does not serve himself alone. A leader has greater vision than that. One who serves himself alone or most often isn't really serving. At the same time, when he serves the bigger picture, he does serve himself very well. And he serves Me splendidly.

Everyone contributes to a happy home, and yet it could be said that the woman is the pivot of the home, and, therefore, the leader upon whose shoulders much falls. Often, it is her contribution that makes a home happy or unhappy. A lot does depend upon her. A lot depends upon her disposition.

I am not assigning set roles, you understand, yet a good-natured woman whose heart sings makes the home a wonderful place to be part of and to live in. She is the hostess. She is the one who greets all who come to the door, including all who live there. She knows that her home is not HERS. It is the home of the family of which she is a member. In one sense, she is the queen for so much depends upon her. In another sense, she is not the queen because everything does not have to be the way she would like it. Let everyone seek to make the home they live in happy for all who live there, make home a welcoming place for all.

Certainly, the home is a learning place for everyone. Everyone desires harmony, and yet there is too often strife. Now let everyone be considerate of the other and think on behalf of the other. What are the other hearts feeling? To just express understanding will assuage all hearts. Yours too.

Both husband and wife may view their roles as that of a workhorse. If you view your contribution as servitude, then how can you create harmony? Certainly, your view must change. Begin to see yourself as an important contributor. Are you not?

And your imperfect children are also contributors.

All must get out of the short view and look at the wholeness. The wholeness has to be more important than the details. Yes, get your minds off the details and onto the bigger picture. The comfort of all has to be more important than the convenience of any one member. I know you agree with Me in theory. It is the living of it that is not always so easy, or is even seldom so easy.

To begin, just bear in mind that your object is to create comfort for the seeming others. That is your assignment. In so doing, you really will create more comfort for yourself. Your sense of worthiness will expand. You will come to fully understand the meaning of service to yourself, your family, and the world.

Let go of the idea that others have to be perfect or have to oblige you. As you respect others' needs, you will respect your own more. You will be more dispassionate of your needs and, at the same time, more respectful. You will a leader be. You will be a leader of yourself as well.

Add to the splendor, beloveds. That's all you have to do.




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