Heaven #2754 Think like God

I suggested before that you wake in the morning and say to yourself: "Good morning, O Lord, I am in Thy Presence."

Now I would like to add another thought. I would like you to add: "Good morning O Lord, I am in Thy service."

As you awaken, will you think of both thoughts now? Carrying these thoughts is a good way to greet Me and your day. These thoughts are a blessing to carry with you.

I know you very much want to be in My Presence and in good service to Me.

I hear your answer: "Happily, God. Now, tell me please, how do I best be in Your service?"

And then I say: "By being in My Presence. That is all that is needed. Then you follow My compass. Then you follow Me."

And then you, with all your heart, say:

"May I always be aware of Your Presence and my service to You. May I always serve. May I stay in Your Light and spread only Your Light. And, thank You, God, for all the precious lights of Yours that you present to me as gifts. I mean all the people I know, past and present. May I be glad and grateful always. God, give me all the help I need to really let go of my held-onto negative thoughts and negative reactions. God, sometimes I seem unable to sincerely think a nice thought.

"God, I am so sorry and tired of my negativity, my annoyance at this and that instead of joy in being here for others. I seem to pick up all my old resentments. I awaken them. I would like to think that I have grown and that I now see in a new perspective, but my reaction is as of old. No matter how many years ago it was, I find myself snapping at someone in my mind.

"God, I am quick to be turned on or turned off depending upon where my attention alights, as if I have no say as to what my thoughts will be. Must I be only a reactor to what occurs now or occurred many years ago? I want to change this. Not even for one minute more do I want to harbor even one unhelpful thought when there are, as You have said, so many better thoughts to have.

"Am I picking up thoughts from the person I think of? Are they thinking of me and their dissatisfaction with me? Must I return their thoughts? Can't I have better thoughts of my own to send them back?

"If the people I think of are reflections of me, help me to reflect love. How do I do it when that is not where I find myself? God, hasn't my consciousness grown in all these years? Am I unable to live Your words? Why should it be so hard for me to feel what You would have me feel?"

Beloveds, say this in your mind:

"Dear friend, I was privileged to know you in the past. And now today thoughts of you have cropped up. Let me tell you how sorry I am for any hurt I may have inflicted upon you. I am sorry that I took offense. I don't know if I let you know, or I just kept my thoughts hidden from you. In any case, my thoughts must have reached you, and I would undo them now. Now I erase old thoughts from my heart, and I would like to erase them from yours. Let us be friends now. Let us embrace in love for old times' sake. Let my thoughts be a blessing to both of us."

Beloveds, why, I can hear you thinking like this now.



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