Heaven #2755 Go Ahead and Make Mistakes

If I gave you a choice, where would you be? If I gave you a choice, what would you be doing? If I gave you a choice, what would you be giving? And what would you be accepting?

Perhaps you are exactly where you want to be. And why not? Yet along the way, decisions and choices will continue to be yours to make.

Beloveds, I do give you choices. I do not hamstring you. I give you all the freedom in the world. Know yourself to be free to choose. Do not think otherwise. You don't want to stalemate yourself. Your hands are not tied.

Even if you are in prison, you have choices to make within the bars.

Remember that deciding and choosing are not exactly the same. We can say that a decision is a choice you have made. This is true to a point. A decision is made, and that may be enough. Sometimes it is. Before your very eyes, a decision you have made manifests itself.

And yet a decision is not always quite the same as making a choice. A decision may be made for years and years, and yet a choice to live up to the decision has yet to be made. There can be years and miles between a decision and the choice to act on it. Sometimes it takes courage to make a choice. Often it does.

This is not to say that you have to follow through on every decision you make. Decisions can be undecided. They can be reversed. That's fair. The only thing is you don't want to kid yourself that you are going to find new work, for instance, when you find many reasons not to. You don't have to, you understand. You may be right to move somewhere else or not to move at all. In any case, you do have to be honest with yourself. Do not dilly-dally.

In life, there are decisions made for you whether you like them or not. And there are decisions that rely on you to be made.

When you have choices, choose. No one says your choices have to be perfect, beloveds, and yet choices are to be made.

Give yourself the leeway to make mistakes. What would have been invented without error in the process? Why, you can consider every error a great gain. You have something under your belt now. You have something to check off. You tried something. Regardless of the outcome, you won.

When you go to a restaurant, it is necessary to order. And when the waiter brings you the food, it is necessary for you to eat. Ordering is ordering. Eating is eating. Your contract with the restaurant isn't complete until you have eaten.

And so you move in life as best you can. And you don't mind if a choice is imperfect. You don't mind if you erase a choice here and there.

Life is about finding out. And how do you find out unless you dare to make choices and see where they lead? Beloveds, no one knows ahead of time. Even sure paths are not always sure.

What you can know for certain is that, in life, choices exist, and you have to make them. They don't have to be irrevocable, and yet there are choices, once taken, you cannot retract. The choice no longer exists. Those you count up as life experience. Count the choice as right, and be glad. Consider every choice you make the right choice, even when it doesn't look like it. The good thing is you made a choice. Bless yourself.



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