Heaven #2756 You Will Meet Your Universality

In service to Me, you will serve yourself well. Service to Me, by no means, means that you shortchange yourself. What it may mean is that you change your thinking, beloveds, for the benefit of all. In any case, you do not go it alone in life.

Putting yourself above all is not really enjoyable. In fact, it brings suffering and bewilderment. To have great happiness requires that you serve higher than yourself. Your individuality is not all of you that there is. You are a Human Being who must, in order to gain happiness, also serve the Universe. This is the plain simple Truth. You can only carry yourself so far before it is no longer scintillating for you. After a while, you really do get tired of self-serving. It simply is not enough for you. You are alive for greater reason than this. You want to know what you are alive for. How you find this out is by rising to the ascendant. You rise according to what you give, beloveds, not what you take, not what you put before yourself.

Selfishness is not pretty, and it simply isn't enough for you, not for one such as you, not for one made in My image. Selfishness does you in. It wears you out. Toss your fishing line out further in the world, and you will catch a treasure. The further you cast your line, the further it goes, and it takes you along with it. You will catch a big fish. You will catch your life, and you will twirl it, and you will venture into Vast Lands where greater happiness lies.

When you are less attached to your individuality, you will meet your Universality, and you will begin to know what happiness is and where it lies.

When you suffer, invariably too much attention has been going to yourself, that isolated part of you that you too often see as your sum and substance. Beloveds, the Universe does revolve around you. Revolve the Universe then in bigger swirls so that you may indeed come to know your Self, your patiently waiting Self. You will indeed come to know Who You are and what you are doing here on Earth. What you are here for certainly denies the laws of selfishness. It has long been said that the way to find yourself is to lose yourself, to lose the identification with your -- for want of a better word -- your small self. In any case, beloveds, you understand very well what smallness is and why you can't enjoy it at all or for long.

When you are meant for bigger things, you are meant for bigger things. Be open to finding out what these bigger things are. Find out where your greatness lies. You already know where it does not lie. Venture forth a little further, beloveds. Venture forward a little bit more every day, and then soon your life will encompass the entire Universe, and you will be happy, so very happy. Then you will sparkle, and your life will be sparkling.

Your life will not generally be a fireworks display, yet you will have enough excitement. You will really take off. You will take off from humdrum. You will enter a new plane of existence. You will fly high. You will soar. And you will land and alight and take off again, a band of angels with you. Beloveds, you are here on Earth for Greatness. You are not here to stay the same and stay the same within restrictive bounds. Oh, no, you are flying far beyond the proscribed world. You are expanding its boundaries, for as you soar, so does the world. You are opening the eyes of the world.

I bless you each and everyone, and I thank you for bringing the world closer to Me.



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