Heaven #2758 You Are on a Treasure Hunt

Remember My promise to shower blessings upon you. When it rains, remember this pledge I make to you. When the sun shines, remember My vow to you. Let everything be a reminder to you. Think of Me. Remember Me and the blessings I will inevitably pour upon you. Know this. Know this more than you know anything else.

Have confidence in Me, beloveds. Have confidence. I reach for the stars for you, and I hand them to you one by one. I twirl the Moon for you. The Sun I move with the tip of My finger. I created everything for you. I created everything beautiful for you. And I created you beautiful as well.

The grass makes the ground soft for you. Flowers bloom for your happiness. Trees stand tall for you, a reminder that you too are to stand tall. Trees give you shade, and in the fall, leaves fall off so you receive the rays of the sun. Beloved animals of Mine offer you love and amusement. There is a bounty of treasure wherever you look.

All this has been prepared for you. Do you think I cannot serve you more tidbits of the Universe? Do you think I cannot think of more to make for you, for your pleasure in life? I can. I can think of everything. I think of you and what I can do to serve you better. Will you begin to think that every day I am ready to bestow great and little blessings upon you? This is inevitably so. I think of nothing else. I certainly don't think of all the things you think about, beloveds! I have too much to do to put My attention on than what does not serve you or the Universe. I am here to serve, and serve I will. This is what I do. I certainly am not here to thwart you.

Turn your thinking to the favors I bestow. I know you want more, and I am bound and determined to give you more. It is not that you put your hand out. It is that your heart be open to receive. Decide not to miss even one treasure I set before you. Not even one.

It is not that you are on a scavenger hunt. It is more like you are going into the woods to pick blueberries. You take a pail with you, of course. You are all ready for blueberry-picking. You are psyched for it. That doesn't take a whole lot -- the desire, the intention, and then going out there and exploring and carrying a pail.

In the case of My gifts to you, instead of a pail, you carry your heart. You anticipate the treasures I have heaped up for you in your heart. That's where you put them. Your desires issued from your heart in the first place, and to your heart, they return.

You have sometimes walked past treasures set aside for you. You passed them by because you were not looking. On occasion you almost tripped over some of the treasures meant for you. Still you did not notice, so preoccupied with something else were you. Take your heart vibrantly with you wherever you go so that you can open it up to carry untold treasures strewn before you. If some treasures spill out, that's all to the good. Once I send a treasure to you, and you recognize it, you have received it. Beloveds, I lay up treasures for you. Now be ready to see them, first, and, secondly, to receive, and, third, to give. But, of course, once you see a treasure, that is your acceptance. Accept the treasures I lay up for you just the way a mason builds with bricks for all to see.



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