Heaven #2759 To Your Health

Say farewell to fatigue. Fatigue is a burden you have been carrying. You no longer have to carry it. I speak of the fatigue that doesn't leave or comes back for no good reason at all. Honest fatigue is one thing. Fatigue for no good reason is another. By all means be rested, but it is not necessary to rest before everything else.

Constant fatigue follows you and seldom gives you a reprieve. Most likely, such unending fatigue is heralded by some idea you have, perhaps the idea that you are tired, the idea that you need more sleep, perhaps the idea that you would rather sleep than be awake. I would rather you look at yourself as a vibrant Human Being who works hard and then rests. The rest is not to come as a rest before the work. Work before rest. Have a reason to be tired before you are, and yet do not look for reasons to sigh and say, "I'm tired."

Perhaps you give too much attention to how you feel at every turn. At these times, let your attention go out. At these times, center yourself outside yourself. It is better not to focus too much on yourself. When you give yourself too much attention, you are bound to start feeling uncomfortable, just the way when many people focus on you and each one says: "How are you feeling today? Are you tired? Overtired? Not feeling so good?"

It is generally better to not ask yourself so many questions. Better to say to yourself: "What a great day! I feel so energetic. I have so much energy today. Wow, I feel like a Super Being today! Look at the roses in my cheeks!"

You will turn your life around by the way you talk to yourself. Anticipate fatigue, and you will indeed have it. Gear yourself up for energy, and you will have it. By and large, you will be served what you order. Now, now, don't give Me a list of exceptions, for then you affirm your list. There are better things for you to affirm. Affirm them.

Will you never say again, "I feel under the weather today"? You may indeed feel under the weather, but you don't have to announce it to yourself nor to the world. Look for clues for how good you are going to feel.

You may say I am advising you not to listen to your body. Beloveds, I am advising you to not listen excessively to your body. I will compare you and your body to a mother with her new baby. There is a difference between a mother who is over-solicitous to her baby and listens for every sound from her baby and has concern for every peep, and the mother who is more secure about her baby and doesn't get concerned about every sound. By the same token, if a mother hushes everyone so her baby will sleep, sounds will disturb her baby's sleep. For a mother who is more casual about noise, her baby will sleep through anything. Do you get the point?

Just don't overdo your awareness of your body. Your body is strong and healthy. This is the information you want to be feeding it. If you tell your body that it is always tired, it will be. Your body hears every thought of yours. How your body feels at a given moment simply does not have to be on your mind. Be on the lookout for the health and energy I would like you to have and that are yours to keep.


Mariù 20th June 2008 10:48 am

The body does listen to every word indeed! Oh well!! :roll:

Thank you Gloria!


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