Heaven #2760 Learning to Play the Piano

Your life is like a piano you play. A life is a life. A piano is a piano. From a piano, all kinds of notes can be played. A piano can be played fast or slow. A piano can make all kinds of sounds, harmonious and disharmonious. There is a whole range that can be played on the piano.

And so with life.

And you might say, "Well, dear God, some pianos are better than others to start with. It is not all the ability of the pianist who plays the piano he has. Not all pianos are of the same quality."

Of course, this is true. Yet what is a piano player to do but to the play the piano he has? And to play it well. In any case, he will make music never heard before. He will have an inimitable style of his own, and he can play songs of his choice. He can choose music that will uplift all those who hear it. He can also choose music that will discourage or anger or hurt. There is equal opportunity and much to choose from. It is not all really left to chance. It is up to him what tunes go around in his head. He is not only at the mercy of the piano he has. He does not have to play like everyone else, and it is his choice what he makes his signature song.

Everyone has the opportunity to make his piano-playing wonderful. He can play the finest music. He can play good-hearted music or draggy-down music. No one makes him play the song he plays. He may convince himself he is not free, yet he is free to try another scale.

Certainly some pianos are more highly tuned or less highly tuned, and yet, beloveds, is not the pianist's playing itself the heart of the matter? Certainly, not everyone is a concert pianist, nor does anyone have to be. A piano player is simply to play the notes that are his to play on the piano he has, and to play again and again and learn as he goes. The songs one piano player plays don't have to be the songs another plays, for each has his own songs to sing. Each practices and each plays, and music is made and music is heard.

If you were God, would it really be your choice that all have the exact same piano and play the same music in the same way? Would you give everyone a baby grand to play? You may think that would be fair, yet, beloveds, is that what you would really choose if you were I? Would you assign everyone identical pianos? Would you assign only songs of a certain kind and not allow variety? Would you not allow a piano player to have the choice to grow in his ability to play? Would you really make him a virtuoso to begin with?

Do you really desire that everyone play the same songs with the same ability on the same make of piano? Could it not be enough that everyone has a piano, and each piano is unique? Would you really rather have uniformity? If that were the case, what opportunity would there be? What opportunity would you have to shine? I know you do not want to be like everyone else. I know you don't want to be an automaton.

Will you not choose to appreciate the piano you have and do everything you can think of to play it well?



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