Heaven #2763 The King's Palace of Heaven

You are a light beam of My Being. There is no other explanation for you, beloveds. Without the light and love that are Mine (Ours), you would not exist. You would not know yourself to exist, that is. Now, here is where the words are tricky. You would not exist as a Human Being, though there never is a time that you ever did not exist, just as there will never be a time that you do not exist. You exist eternally. You only imagine there can be a time when you are not. Your imagination takes over, and you cannot tell Truth from fiction. You adhere to time and listen to the ticktock. You believe in the temporal and scoff at the permanent.

Your true existence is a continuum of love. Your Earth existence starts and stops while the real you, the value of you, skips not a beat.

What a marvel you are of My creativity! What is My creativity but My love? That is your Being. That is your True Identity. It is like you are the leap of My heart jumping from pinnacle to pinnacle, from wave to wave, from heart to heart.

Let the beat of your heart signal your love for your life, which is the life of Me. You are for the life of Me. You belong to yourself, and yet you belong to Me. You do not yet know the Vastness of yourself. You have hardly an inkling. Let an inkling grow to its full fruit of Light Universal, light so bright that it is not ordinarily seen near or far, light so bright that many close their eyes and do not recognize the brightness they are closing their eyes to.

But never mind your eyes. Simply open your heart. Your heart has eyes. Your heart can see in the dark. Your heart can transform the dark, the illusion of dark into the Reality of Truth, just by a slip of the switch. The switch is at the entrance of your heart.

Consider, if you like, that you are the yo-yo of My heart. Consider that you go up and down, not according to the string around My finger, but according to your own visualization. Of course, you are not a yo-yo. The coming and the going are purely an exercise of your mind and not Truth at all.

Do you really think that I would ever allow you to be away from Me? Not even for a blink of an eye would I allow you to wander from the nest of My heart. It is your free will to recognize Who you really are and where your life is. There is a back porch, perhaps a screened-in room, and you think you live there. You think the back porch is the whole world and that you abide there and nowhere else. You lease the back porch for a while when all along your real home is in the King's Palace of Heaven. That is your real address, not the world of man, but rather the Heaven of God, the Home of All Hearts and Souls. In this sense, there are no vacancies, and you never left. You coexist in presumed dimensions even though you are dimensionless.

Quite understandably, you may fantasize that the fantasy is real, and that the Reality is the made-up story.

No matter, all is good, and you march along with a Marching Band, a Marching Band in the uniform of Human Beings, when all along they are a flying band of angels, often denying Reality adamantly.



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