Heaven #2764 Here, There, and Everywhere

Consider your heart like a fish with gills that swims. How smoothly the fish goes through the water! It is as light as a bird in the water. Nothing blocks the fish. He just keeps swimming and swimming and goes where he wills. The fish loves swimming, and the fish flaps its wings, as it were, and takes flight in the water. The fish soars.

Your heart is like this. Your heart is not still. It swims through the Universe. It is effortless in its swimming. It splashes its love all over the place. The heart cannot help it. It must swim in love through the Universe and be what it is, a heart of love.

Hearts are meant to be moist and palpable They are not meant to be dry and stiff-necked. A heart is the most fluid thing there is. It is malleable with love. It fits anywhere. It finds a seat for itself everywhere.

No heart is meant to be fussy. A heart is meant to swim happily wherever it may be. Your heart's mission is to simply spread love independently of which ocean it may find itself in. Your heart's mission is to flow effortlessly and live up to its potential of love. Actually, there is no limit to the love within your heart. The love in your heart can surge throughout the galaxies and beyond. This love is the power of the Universe, and it is your power.

If you have desired to be powerful, this is the way. If you want to make a difference in the world, this is how you do it. You can do it anywhere. Your heart can alight anywhere. Your heart can be itself anywhere. You can love to love.

Beloveds, it is no surprise to you that you have been stingy with your love. Your heart has been like a swimming fish who thought he was in a tiny bowl of water where the circumference was small and hardly anywhere to swim. Your heart is not limited to any tank. In fact, the truth of your heart is that it can winnow its way on dry land.

No matter the terrain you are in, your heart is a swimmer. Your heart swims in love. If you want a happy heart, that's what your heart has to do, swim itself everywhere. A warm palpitating heart can moisten a desert. A heart is a wonderful thing. Your heart is a wonderful thing.

Wherever you are situated right now, your heart can fill the Universe with love. Your heart can drown the world in love, and everyone will swim effortlessly in your love. All hearts will rise along with yours. From the depth of your heart, the world will rise. How buoyant is the love in your heart! How light your heart is! It is as if it is swimming on air.

Yes, your heart is a pump. It pumps love.

If you don't like the image of your heart as a fish, then know your heart as a great charger who races across the Earth, hardly touching the ground, and whom does the great charger carry but you and the world? Your heart is a great steed. It prances. There is no place where the beat of its hooves cannot go. Your heart leaves its hoof prints everywhere. There is no mistaking them. They are everywhere. Wherever your heart has been, its imprint is left. Your heart has ridden over hill and dale, and your heart has blessed the world with love here, there, and everywhere.



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