Heaven #2766 Bringing Out the Best in Everyone

Your heart is a little bird in your chest. This precious bird flutters and is very sensitive. Be gentle with it. You do understand that your heart requires gentleness. Nod your head if you agree.

It is the same for other hearts. Bless them with delicacy and consideration.

This does not mean that you are to beat around the bush. You are to be clear and direct, yet come from a position of understanding. Even if you have authority, come from humility. This does not mean that you beseech. You do not plead. Yet when you are a servant of God, you serve all others. How do I talk to you? I tell you exactly what I think, and yet I come as a friend. I do not have to prove My love to you, yet my role is not that of authoritarian. And yet a spade is a spade, and I do not mince words. Pay attention. How do I convey to you what I think clearly, squarely, without apology and yet not step on your toes? You don't see me tip-toeing around. I say what has to be said. I do not deny Truth, I speak plainly, and yet I do not offend, and I do not condescend. I do not make you feel small, nor am I obsequious. I make myself clear.

The main theme of your life is not to be making sure you don't offend. You are to live your life for much more than that. And yet it is incumbent on you to take into account other people's feelings. Do no harm does not mean to discount distressing issues that may need to be addressed. Learn tact, beloveds, and learn to balance it with accomplishing what must be accomplished. Just make sure it is yours to accomplish. Bear in mind that the more authority you have, the less aggressive you need to be. You can be calm, clear, competent and understanding. That I am.

When you know your place in the cosmos, you don't dance around the May pole, yet you do not rap knuckles. You say what you have to say, and you move on.

I do not mean that you are to think twice about everything you say or do. I am not suggesting that you analyze and plan every sentence. I request that you get your heart in a position where you naturally come from consideration. I suggest you remember that everyone's heart is tender. You can be firm and considerate. I am not suggesting that you are always to assume the role of Nice Guy. There are situations where you do not leave matters to chance. There are situations where you have to be firm. There are situations where you have to assert your will, but that does not mean that you flaunt it.

It is not that you give respect. It is that you have respect. There is no role you have to play. It is not that you handle everyone with kid gloves. No one wants to be handled with kid gloves. You draw a line, and you have to know where to draw it, and you have to know when it is yours to draw. You don't know everything, beloveds.

There is not one who has not been incorrect at one time or another. Everyone is sure at the time that they're right. Now your wisdom is greater. No one said you had to know everything. At one time or another, you thought you did. Now consider how you would handle something if the person sitting across from you were you.


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