Heaven #2768 Elevate the World

Today We will pay attention to your view of the world. You know by now that as you think, so thinks the world. It is also the reverse. The world has influenced you considerably. Your relationship with the world has been reciprocal. As goes the world, so go you. As you go, so goes the world.

Yes, I understand that as a child, you were totally innocent. We could even say that you were the prey of world thought. But now, as an adult, the roles have changed. The world is vulnerable to you. It is at your mercy. You can keep the world the way it has been, or you can inspire and uplift it. You are already keeping the world in place, or you are changing it. It is your choice.

You may well not have been conscious of your importance. You may even have shrugged your shoulders and said, "What can I do? Who can fight City Hall? This is the way the world is and will always be. I am as powerless as a fish on the line. There's nothing I can do." Have you not shrugged your shoulders and thought such thoughts?

Now you are conscious that you can turn the world around. Not by barging in and ordering it. Not by fighting. Not by insistence. Not by pointing out the long list of details of its wrongs. Not by shooting bullets. There is only one way to change the world and that is by how you think of it.

Raise your thoughts and affection for the world, and you will be lifting the world a notch. As you change how you focus on the world, you will be changing it. Yes, you. Your attention on the world will make all the difference in the world. Somehow your thoughts are known. Your thoughts are like the cues that are given to actors in a play. You feed the world its lines. You present a picture of the world, and it goes by your picture.

When you do this, you are really catching two birds with one stone. By changing your thoughts, you also are changed. Your thoughts have vibrations. Raise your thoughts, and your vibration goes up. It is sort of like getting higher scores on a test because of the way you apply yourself.

As best you can, not even once more complain. No more complaints. Don't say them out loud to anyone. Don't listen to others when they gripe about the state of affairs either because you will be affected. Your vibration will sink. Beloveds, there is a world of difference in you according to the songs you sing and the songs you listen to. Why sing a dirge when you can sing a ballad? Why curse when you can say nothing? Why listen to anyone else who may be badmouthing the world or anyone or anything? Are you with Me?

Beloveds, you most likely have convinced yourself that you are of no importance. You have likely believed that you have no say about circumstances and events. You have likely believed that you have no vote, or that your vote doesn't count. The truth is that you have great power. The world may not count your vote, yet how you view the world counts enormously.

You accept that you affect the mood in your home, do you not? If you come home from work happy, your family responds. Even if they are in another room, they are happier. And if you come home angry, they feel it, and their mood may be dampened. The same for you when you come home to someone happy to see you. You are elevated. And when you come home to complaints, do you not tend to close down?

Why would it be any different for the world at large? Obvious to you or not, you are affecting the world.



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