Heaven #2769 When the Walls Come Tumbling Down

One day of all-around good nature will do the trick. The world will settle down. To say the world will settle down is another way to say it will rise. It will rise high simply because no one that day took offense. No offense given and no offense taken.

Someone might say the wrong thing, might look at you askance, might break your favorite china cup, and you won't be crushed. You will keep singing your good-natured song. Why not? Why should an error take away your good spirits? Why on earth should anything take away your God-given good nature?

Beloveds, what is it really that can happen anyway? Someone steps on your toes. An accident befalls. No matter what, you will not be quick to take offense. You will be quick to smile. Whether someone steps on your toes or hands you a bouquet of roses, someone will have introduced himself to you, and you will become friends. You will find out if he or she could even be your soul mate. If you were snippy, how would either of you ever know? Neither of you would know. You will not know what opportunity you had missed. If you were snippy, you would cut off what might have been a beautiful stream of love. All streams of love are beautiful.

When you are good-natured, cheerful and friendly, you cease creating boundaries. You remove all barriers. Walls come tumbling down.

When walls come tumbling down, what is it that tumbles down? Proprietary rights, sense of ownership, the need to protect, crabbiness, irritation, any kind of holding on. Perceived rights will fall away, and all offense tumble off the face of the Earth.

When walls come tumbling down, what takes their place? Joy and openness and a few hundred more things I can think of. How about you? What do you think of that you would love to be without? Hmm, what would happen to all the fussing? Good grief, courts will have little or no business! What would happen to hospitals, for who could be ill?

Tugs-of-war will pass away. There will be no opposite teams. All will be on the same team. Love will prosper. The stock market will no longer be king. Politicians will be statesmen. There will be no riots, unless you call abounding joy a riot.

The whole world will be a neighborhood and have a block party. There will be no tickets required for admission. All are invited and all are welcome. Those who can will bring food. All will eat. No one will count who ate what or how much. No one will tell another that he did not belong or that he had to leave. No one will want anyone to leave. No one will want the dancing and music to be over. No one will want to be anywhere else but at this neighborhood block party.

The name of this neighborhood block party is One World. It could be taken for Heaven! Everyone will be everyone's neighbor. Who will care what language anyone speaks? All will speak and understand love and joy and neighborliness. What will there be to worry about? Who will worry even if there are still things to worry about?

Who will ask, "Where did you come from?" Who will ask, "How did you get here?" Who will ask, "Show me your papers." All will know that all are Human Beings. All will know that everyone is a Child of God and to be treated accordingly.

Think of the time and heart that will never be wasted. Think of the joy generated just by letting go of some of the old habits of the world. The old ways have overstayed their welcome and will no longer stay, for love and joy and good nature will have raised their flag high.



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