Heaven #2772 Help the World Grow Heavenward

World life is important to you. Naturally, it is and is meant to be. It is where you consciously spend most of your time. It may be repetitive. It may not always be scintillating. It may not even be your cup of tea. Yet it serves a purpose. It's better not to worship worldly life, yet you do engage in it no matter what. Why not enjoy it while you're at it, and make it wonderful?

You don't want to be a snob to the world and call the world unfortunate names. Just as you might live in a house that is not your ideal, it is nevertheless where you live. Better to clean it up than bemoan your home's condition. Make your house happy.

No one is to be high and mighty about the world, as if you know better. Of course, you do know better, and yet you are not better to chastise the world. Better to find that about the world that you do genuinely appreciate.

Beloveds, I gave you the world as a gift. You wouldn't be so rude as to disdain a gift I give you, would you? You wouldn't badmouth it or kick it in the shins. Genuinely, find good use for it.

The world is asking you to love it. Loving the world is like watering your plants, feeding your livestock, and taking your dog for walks. Thank you for taking care of the world around you. Succor the world on My behalf. I ask you to take care of the world I made. I ask you to raise it so it may grow Heavenward and grow strong.

You would give a lot for someone to honor you, wouldn't you? You would give a lot to have others point out your strengths and make you strong. When people have pointed out your weaknesses, that didn't make you strong. It made you weak. Never mind for now what the world doesn't do. That will take care of itself. It really will, simply by your focus on all the good the world gives you. Let the world flex its muscles of love. Talk nice to it. Uphold it, and you will uplift it.

What good do you do when you disown the world? What good do you do for yourself or anyone when you knock the world? Open your eyes and heart to the world, and the world will flourish. It will come to attention in order to serve your desires.

You and the world have a reciprocal relationship. You are in tandem. The world goes up and down according to how you look at it. The world will knock itself out for you just for the chance to meet the image you have of it. In your mind, give a party to honor the world. You don't want the world to slip through your fingers. The world wants to be in your hands and your mind and heart.

Consider the world your dog you walk on a leash. Think the dog is ill-behaved, and likely he will be. Think your dog well-behaved, and likely he will be. The dog and the world yearn to serve you and serve you well. They just don't always know how.

When your mother cooks you a meal, and you let her know how much you enjoy her cooking, you can be sure she will cook great food for you again. You would be giving your mother the energy to prepare for you the food you like. Withhold your appreciation, and the less likely your mom will cook for you. What do you want, beloveds?

Do you want your mom to cook what you like? If you do, you have to let her know what you like. If you want the world to be a better place, you have to let the world know what you like. Encourage the world.



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